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Wavlink Extender Stopped Broadcasting SSID? Here’s the Fix!

Wavlink extenders are wonderful networking devices to keep your internet experience at a notch. However, sometimes, this experience can turn awry due to some...

Can’t Access Amped IP Address? Here’s How to Fix It!

Managing the Amped extender via the default IP address is like a walk in the park. However, this walk has been difficult for many...

Want to Build a Website Without Coding? Here’s How to do it!

In the digital era, you could be at loss without a website. Whether you run a small business or not, a website is indeed...

My iPhone Won’t Connect to WiFi of Wavlink Extender. Help Me!

Despite being an outperforming technical device, Wavlink WiFi extenders give refuge to some issues too. iPhone won’t connect to WiFi of Wavlink extender is...

Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Won’t Get IP Address? Let’s Fix!

To function properly, the Wireless-N WiFi repeater needs to get the IP address from the host router. However, if it doesn’t happen, the user...

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