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Wavlink Extender Not Showing 5GHz [Quick Fixes]

Wavlink extenders have become well-known entities to blanket the dead zones with a high-speed internet connection. Most of the Wavlink range extenders are dual-bands...

Wavlink Extender Not Connecting to Router – Easy Fixes

Whether you want to update the firmware of your Wavlink range extender or change its SSID, the most important factor is the extender-router connection....

In-Depth Guide to Update Wavlink Router Firmware

Every Wavlink router comes embedded with a set of instructions that determines its performance status. These instructions are collectively known as firmware and are...

I Can See Wavlink WiFi Signal But Can’t Access It. What to Do?

There’s no doubt that Wavlink range extenders are one of the most outperforming devices. But, everything has a dark side. Being members of the...

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