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Top 10 Viva Questions For Phd Research Project

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Viva is a basic requirement of PhD research project. In order to have a degree of PhD, you need to clear your viva. The viva is basically a meeting conducted by a committee. When you go for a job application, HR conducts an in-depth interview. He evaluates how your skills are best suitable for the post. Also, he identifies how the skills written on your CV are accurate. These kinds of assessments are fundamental requirements.

Similarly, viva for a PhD research project is necessary. You may have done amazing research, but it would be useless if you remain unable to justify it. The purpose of viva is to evaluate how well you can justify your work. So, it needs great attention to clear every question of the viva. As per its importance, this article aims to discuss important viva questions for a PhD research project.

What are the Most Frequently Asked Questions for a PhD Research Project?

Wait for the questions from the committee. It has been observed that the committee always asks stressful questions. The purpose of stressful questions is to check how you will handle the situation. All of the questions that work well to get insights into a project are expected to ask in viva. Following are some most frequently asked questions in the viva of PhD research project:

Tell Us About Yourself

Mostly the start of the viva is from introduction. This question works well to make a smooth flow of conversation. It is better to be formal while introducing yourself. Use appropriate language and start describing your work. Mention the topic of research project and your interest in it. In this way, you can connect with the members of committee. Do not go for personal opinions, but show your interest based on professional and logical terms. The committee will surely appreciate your professional approach. Later on, you can add your personal interest based on your skills.

Critical Open-Ended Questions

The chances of close-ended questions are rare in viva. To prepare viva questions for a PhD research project, you have to work on open-ended questions. In such questions, you have to satisfy the committee. Well, it is a good chance to explain your thoughts in detail. The viva of a PhD research is not for twenty to thirty minutes, but it requires a long time of at least one hour. So, you get a long time to clearly justify your concerns.

Present your PhD Research Project

The committee can also ask you for a presentation. So, keep your presentation data with you. Make your presentation with proper sectioning. There should be all major points, including an introduction, explaining body, and conclusion. In explaining body, you have to discuss the literature review, methodology, analysis, and results. Add transitions and ensure proper formatting. The data added in the presentation must be at your fingertips. Add outlines with a brief description in slides, and keep their details in mind.

Define the Future Scope of Study

At the time you prepare viva questions for a PhD research project, focus on the future scope of the study. In this, you have to explain how your research question is effective for future problems. Based on facts and final findings, you have to prove that your research is worthy of real-life problems. The justification of research varies as per the type of problem discussed in it.

Define the Strategy and Approach of Research

Another most frequently asked question is about the strategy and approach of research. Collect valid points to share for the selection of a particular approach. If you have used qualitative research, you can add a reason something related to the hypothesis. When you design a hypothesis, you can test it through the qualitative research method only. In this case, quantitative research cannot work. On the other hand, quantitative research is fine for addressing the rate of impact for a specified problem. Similarly, you can justify the data collection technique and relevant analysis.

Why have you done a Literature Review?

Prepare viva questions for PhD research project based on their background information. For this, you have to make a strong grip on the literature review. Also, the research gap must be clear to you. Mention the gaps of study in front of senior researchers. Do not forget to add evidence and proper referencing. The PhD level is an advanced academic level that does not facilitate immature acts. It is necessary to behave professionally. So, all of the rules and regulations must be followed.

Which Sampling Method you have used and why?

At the time of viva for PhD research project, your prime concern is to prepare for the sampling method. Furthermore, you have to mention a proper reason for the selection of a particular sampling method.

Why have you Selected this Title for Research?

The selection of the research title is never made randomly, but you have to be very specific about it. You can see if there is some hot topic like covid-19 was in 2019. In this regard, you can avail PhD dissertation help to have the best answer to this question. The research proposal help also has experts who can guide you well for an answer.

What is the Strength and Weakness of PhD Research Project?

You are supposed to be well aware of the strengths as well as weaknesses of your research study. This question is one of the most frequently asked questions in viva. When you are asked about strengths and weaknesses at the same time, it is better to mention strengths first. Psychologically, this approach creates a positive impact on the mind of listener.

Explain the Theoretical Background of the Study

You must understand and explain the importance of theoretical knowledge. Your institutes have invested a lot in you. The investment is in terms of effort, time, and money. Your lack of theoretical knowledge can become the cause of your viva failure. It may not affect you much, as you can do it on the next attempt. It is necessary to know about the reputation of your institute. You may not be aware of theoretical knowledge’s role so that it will become a cause of disappointment for the end of the department and its higher faculty.

Final Thoughts

Following the above-mentioned points, you can prepare viva questions for a PhD research project. The simplest tip is to focus on the structure of research project and prepare questions accordingly. From the title of research to future scope, anything can be asked from the committee. So, you have to be careful about every aspect.

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