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Top 5 Ways to Secure a USA Dedicated Server 

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With the increase of cybercriminal activities, there is a growth in data leakage issues in every other website in the USA. As the world is becoming more digital it is hard to protect your server from security breaches. So, in order to keep your server protected from DDoS attacks or viruses you need to take some steps for your site’s security.

So, here in this article, you will learn the top 5 ways to secure your dedicated server. Although a USA Dedicated Server is already very secure, taking some precautions to keep the server safe is your responsibility, and is a prudent business decision. So, let’s start the passage.

Why is the Security of a Dedicated Server USA Important?

Protecting your site from getting hacked by outsiders and attacked by viruses is the ultimate threat to many website holders. You just can’t keep this for granted. As if there is any security problem, it badly hits your website data and your client’s information too. Therefore, it is important to secure your server to get rid of these problems.

Here are some reasons why server security is crucial-

  1. Preventing Malware Attacks
  2. Defending Your Server from Server Attacks
  3. Protecting from DDoS Attacks
  4. Safeguarding Your Site from Cyber Attacks

Even though people buy USA Dedicated Server because of the isolated atmosphere it provides to the website and the security systems it has. But it is your responsibility too to prevent all these virus attacks by taking a few small steps to secure your server.

5 Best Ways to Secure Your Dedicated Server USA

Here we are listing the top 5 ways to keep in mind in order to protect your USA Dedicated server. By opting for these practices in order to secure your server, you can make your site viruses-free.

1. Scan of Malware

According to Dataprot, there are millions of pieces of malware and half a million malware being discovered every day. These malware, viruses, Trojans, and worms harm your system and steal your private data. So, to protect your USA Dedicated Serve, website holders should keep scanning the malware so that they can detect the viruses and quarantine them before the damage is done.

2. Keep Your Software Up to Date

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for server vulnerabilities and once they detect any breach, they try to steal the data of the website. So, to not get attacked by cybercriminals, web developers should regularly check updates and security patches to fix the security holes if any appear. This can keep your server safe from attackers.

Once an update is released, you should immediately install the software to maintain the security of the server. Even when a USA Dedicated Server provides good security to the site but as the owner of the server, you need to keep updating your software.

3. DDoS Attack Protection

Many websites suffer from DDoS attacks since they bombard the servers with so many requests that are very hard to handle. And, as a result, the server will crash and your website will go offline. This counts in as very bad security software for the server. So, in order to prevent DDoS attacks, you need to buy a USA Dedicated Server from a host that defends your server with a protection shield. A reliable web host is also the main factor in order to protect your server.

4. Use a Secure VPN or Network 

Use a secure network/VPN while logging into your hosting account. Especially if you are using an open WI-FI network, there is a higher possibility that your data could be stolen. So, using a VPN encrypt the data and secures your login credentials from being stolen.

5. Backup Regularly

Backup on any device or on the server is very important. As you don’t know what will happen to your server and when. Therefore, by enabling the backup facility in your USA Dedicated Server, you can restore the vital files of the website. So, to escape your data from a security breach, you should enable the backup facility.

Buy a Secure Dedicated Server in USA from Hostbillo

There are many providers in USA that offers the best deal for dedicated server and one of them is Hostbillo. Hostbillo is a web hosting company that provides Affordable Web Hosting Services in USA. With a top-notch security system of the server, you get premium hosting features with the services. So, for better server security and prevention from DDoS attacks and cyber criminals, you should buy its Best Dedicated Server USA. The pricing of the service starts from $45 per month.


60% of the companies that presents their businesses online go out of the network just in 6 months. The major reason behind this issue is security breaches and cyber crimes. Therefore, in this digital era, it gets very important to protect your server with regular malware scans and security checkups. The top 5 ways that are listed in the article are very helpful in securing your website.

Also, a reliable host like Hostbillo will offer you a DDoS shield and malware scan facility with its Cheap Dedicated Server USA package. This enables a great security function to secure your server and enhanced the layer of security.

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