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Want to Build a Website Without Coding? Here’s How to do it!

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In the digital era, you could be at loss without a website. Whether you run a small business or not, a website is indeed the most important asset you must own. However, not everyone can hire a web developer or designer. Reasons could be plenty. In that case, the question arises – can you make a website without coding?

Well, the answer is YES. However, for that, you need to have a WordPress website builder. After that, the process is fairly easy. It all boils down to just dragging and dropping things. For better insight, you can also join live project training in Ambala. Read on.

How to Build a Website Without Coding?

Get Web Hosting

Whether you build a coding or non-coding website, web hosting is important. It will be hosting your data over the web. You need to invest in the right web hosting services. Otherwise, choosing the wrong hosting can hamper the performance of your website.

Get a user-friendly interface that can be installed with a single click. You should get only private hosting space. For a better experience, never go with sharing hosting. You might have to invest a little more than required. However, it should not be skipped.

Choose Website Theme

The next step involves the selection of the right theme. It is going to boost the appearance, appeal, and layout of your website. When you use WordPress website builder, you can simply hover over different themes.

Choose the one that goes with the content flow and enriches the overall look of your website. You can change the theme of your website later in case you don’t like it.

Structure Your Content

After installing the chosen theme, it comes down to structuring your website. When you do that, you get three different options. They are also known as Pageset.

  • Base
  • Five Page
  • Kitchen Sink

When you choose the Base option, you get to post/publish Blogs on your website. It will be used to make different sets of data structures on your website. You can always join web development training in Ambala to know more about how to structure your website.

Fill in Site Information

Every website has some key aspects. These include social media accounts and contact information. When you build a website without coding, you can just structure and leave these fields empty. You can always edit them later.

To complete the installation, click on Finish and Install. It will complete the installation process so that users can navigate and access whatever information they like.

Drag-Drop Design

After the installation process is complete, you get access to the WordPress dashboard. It is here that you customize your complete website. You can add new web pages to post blogs and web page content. For instance, if you wanted to create a new page known as Documentation, you can always include new information using blocks.

Furthermore, you get access to different sections of the home screen. At one end, you can make changes that are visible on the other end of the home screen.

Customize & Publish Content

With the addition of a block, you get access to the main editing page of your website. You can edit the information or the entire blogs published on your website. In case you want to know how will the content look, you should always go and check the preview option.

You also get different designs to create your blocks. After you are one, click the Publish button to post the content online.


We know that you want to create a website without the knowledge of coding. However, that does not mean you should not learn about programming languages. Hence, whenever you have some time on hand, always join PHP training in Ambala. PHP is one of the most in-demand languages to create websites.

Thus, you get more liberty to create a website with coding after you learn PHP. Until then, you can use the steps given above to create and maintain a website without knowing how to code. With everything in check, you can easily run a business website and grow your online reach. Furthermore, you can even build a larger audience and have a well-settled brand.





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