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Wavlink Extender Not Connecting to Router – Easy Fixes

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Whether you want to update the firmware of your Wavlink range extender or change its SSID, the most important factor is the extender-router connection. But, what if the extender fails to connect to the router? That’s painful. No worries! Walk through the fixes discussed in this post and learn how to resolve this Wavlink WiFi extender  problem in a jiffy.

Fixed: Wavlink Extender Not Connecting to Router

Before you try your hands on the hacks mentioned below, ensure that your Wavlink range extender and the host router are getting sufficient power from the wall outlet. Perhaps, one of your devices is plugged into a damaged wall socket that is driving you towards this issue. If everything is fine with the power supply, give a shot to the hacks.

  1. Check the Network Cable

Let’s begin with the factor contributing to the direct communication between your Wavlink extender and the host router. Yes, we’re referring to the network cable. Is the one you are using in perfect shape? Is it perfectly connected to your WiFi devices’ ports? Have you checked the Ethernet ports before connecting the network cable? If you’ve answered all these questions in no, then you need to mend your ways.

If the network cable is damaged, then you are required to get the cable replaced immediately. In case you are facing the issue due to weak connections at the ports, then you need to make the connection finger-tight. Additionally, check for the dust accumulated on the Ethernet ports of your devices. If there is any dust available, get it cleaned as soon as possible.

  1. Bring Your WiFi Devices Closer

After the Wavlink setup  is done, users are free to move their range extenders so that the dead zone will get filled with a super-fast internet connection. However, most of them forget about the complete criteria of this relocation scenario. For your information, your Wavlink extender must be located within the boundary line of the signals emitted by the router.

Therefore, you are required to cut off the large distance between your WiFi devices. But, bear in mind that you cannot place them too close. Otherwise, you will face peculiar outcomes like zero network connectivity due to a clash of WiFi signals. All in all, your wireless devices must be placed at a safe distance.

  1. Reboot the Extender

Let’s talk about technical glitches. Yes, glitches can also drag you to the Wavlink extender not connecting to the router issue. Additionally, they can also give birth to some other issues that make your internet experience worse. Chances are that your extender has also fallen into the jaws of technical errors. Thus, you need to fix them as soon as possible.

For getting rid of technical glitches, you have to unplug your Wavlink extender from the power socket, wait for a moment, and connect the extender back to the socket. Once done, check whether you are able to connect your Wavlink extender and router properly or not.

  1. Remove WiFi Interference

WiFi interference might be another factor that is not allowing your extender to connect to the router. Know that WiFi interferences are an interruption in the path of the extender’s WiFi signals. Thus, you need to get rid of it to fix the issue at hand. FYI, WiFi interference can also halt your access to the Wavlink WiFi extender setup  wizard.

To make your extender free of WiFi interference, you need to place it in a well-ventilated room. Also, make sure that the room selected is not packed with mirrors, fish tanks, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, televisions, microwave ovens, refrigerators, treadmills, etc.

  1. Reset the Extender

If you still haven’t got success in connecting your Wavlink extender to the router, then there is a high possibility of your extender being partially installed. In that scenario, you have to install your extender again. However, this entire process demands for factory default reset.

Therefore, consider looking for the Reset button on your Wavlink extender and pressing it. Within some time your extender will start running on the factory default settings. Thereafter, you can set up your device by accessing the Wavlink login  page.

Wrap Up

That’s all about what to do when your Wavlink extender is not connecting to the router. It is expected that the aforementioned troubleshooting techniques will help you efficiently fix the problem.

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