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Wavlink Extender Not Showing 5GHz [Quick Fixes]

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Wavlink extenders have become well-known entities to blanket the dead zones with a high-speed internet connection. Most of the Wavlink range extenders are dual-bands facilitating users to connect to the most optimal band in the case of internet fluctuation. However, a lot of users who have done Wavlink repeater setup in their houses have complained about their extender not showing the 5GHz frequency band. Has your Wavlink extender also stopped broadcasting the 5GHz network all of a sudden? If yes, then you should definitely try the hacks jotted down in this post. Continue reading.

Fix: Wavlink Extender Not Showing 5GHz

Tip 1: Reduce the Extender-Router Distance

The first thing you can do to do away with the problem of your extender’s sudden inability to show 5GHz band is to reduce the extender and router distance. This is to inform you that it is the router that transmits WiFi signals to the extender to amplify. If both devices are not sharing the same arena, then it’s not a wonder that you are facing the problem. So, consider pulling the router a little close to the Wavlink extender. But, there’s a catch when it comes to maintaining the accurate extender-router distance. You can’t keep it too less either. It is because keeping the devices adjacent to each other is an invitation to a clash between their WiFi signals.

Tip 2: Revise the Ethernet Connection

Are you using the same Ethernet cable that you used during the Wavlink WiFi extender setup? If yes, then it is high time that you check its physical condition. Who knows that its damaged status (due to over usage) has dragged you to face the Wavlink extender not showing 5Ghz issue? In case what we’ve assumed turns out to be true, consider substituting the current Ethernet cable with a brand new one. Make sure to use a certified Ethernet cable only. Moreover, ensure that the Ethernet connection is neither loose at the extender’s port nor the router’s port.

Tip 3: Update the Firmware

Firmware updates hold a miraculous power in increasing the performance of your Wavlink extender. In addition to this, one can take advantage of the new features of the device with the new Wavlink firmware installed. On the other hand, if the firmware has become outdated, then there’s a huge possibility of getting involved in the mess of the issue you are currently facing. So, without wasting a second, access the Wavlink ap setup wizard and update the firmware of your Wavlink WiFi range extender. But, do not interrupt the firmware update process by playing games on your laptop or computer. Also, do not make the mistake of downloading the wrong Wavlink firmware file. It should be according to the model number of your Wavlink extender.

Tip 4: Reboot the Wavlink Extender

Since a Wavlink wireless range extender is a technical device, it is prone to minor bugs and errors. These bugs can also be responsible for dragging you to the Wavlink extender not showing 5GHz frequency band issue. Thus, you have to fix them at the earliest opportunity. However, in order to do that, reboot your Wavlink extender. So, switch off the extender by pressing the power button. Pull it out of the power source. After waiting for some time, reconnect the range extender to the power socket and press the Power button to turn it on. Now, see if your Wavlink extender has started showing the 5GHz band.

Tip 5: Relocate Your Wavlink Extender

Apart from the aforementioned things, the wrong location of your Wavlink range extender can also result in its inability to show the 5GHz band. It is because the 5GHz frequency has less transmission range. So, it is most likely to get affected by physical impedances present in the path. These physical impedances are televisions, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, washing machines, microwave ovens, smart cameras, mirrors, glasses, aquariums, geysers, lenses, aluminum studs, treadmills, etc. So, these things need to be away from your Wavlink range extender at all costs. Additionally, try to make sure that your Wavlink device is not placed in a corner or near a concrete wall. Try to keep it in the central room of the house and raise it above the ground level for proper transmission of WiFi signals.

In Conclusion

As you can see, a lot of factors are responsible for the Wavlink extender not showing 5GHz frequency band issue. It is hoped that you will be able to determine the exact reason behind the issue and get rid of it. Just in case the result is still not in your favor, do extender reset and reconfigure your device by accessing the Wavlink login window. This time your Wavlink extender will surely be able to show the 5GHz frequency band.

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