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Wavlink Troubleshooting Tips if Extender Setup Fails

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What if you try to setup Wavlink WiFi extender and it failed? Can you something about it? Well, if you face Wavlink extender setup failed issue; you need to make a few changes in your approach. Perhaps, you did something wrong. Hence, we have structured a guide to help you resolve the issue you have been facing.

After going through the points given below, you can easily perform Wavlink WiFi extender setup. So, with that being said, let’s explore what you lacked or did wrong. Without much delay, let’s move forward. Keep reading.

Wavlink Troubleshooting: Repeater Setup Failed

Check Power Plug

A damaged or short-circuited power socket provides inconsistent power supply. It means your Wavlink WiFi range extender will keep rebooting. Why? Well, the power supply to the device might not be consistent or stable.

If that is the case with you, you need to make a few changes. First, get the damaged wall socket repaired. It that is going to take time, change the wall socket. Use either a new or a perfectly working wall plug.

Use Updated Web Browser

A web browser will help you get access to the internet. You further use the chosen web browser to access the Wavlink default URL. However, in some cases, using an outdated web browser might not offer the best. Rather, you face issues when you try to access Wavlink web address.

To ensure that you don’t face it, we recommend you use an updated web browser. Either download an updated web browser or update the current web browser you are using. In either case, you should ensure that the chosen internet browser is compatible with your PC.

Relocate Devices

The wrong Wavlink WiFi extender placement could be the reason why you faced Wavlink extender setup failed. It might have been too close or far from the host router. Also, the range repeater might have been placed under the table, in a corner, or behind a television.

Thus, another Wavlink troubleshooting tip is to relocate your wireless devices. Choose an optimal location from your router for repeater placement. Always ensure that there are minimal WiFi interferences.

Connect Repeater to Router Differently

Did you connect the repeater to the router wirelessly? Yes? That might be the reason why you faced the issue at hand. Wireless connections are prone to WiFi interferences. Therefore, you might experience fluctuations in internet access in your house.

To eradicate the issues, we suggest that you connect your Wavlink WiFi repeater to the router differently. It means, instead of using a wireless connection, you should connect them using an Ethernet cable.

Clear Cache/Cookies

In many cases, using an updated web browser can also lead to issues. Why? Well, it might not be clean enough when you set up Wavlink WiFi extender. Therefore, the web browser keeps loading older files stored on the server.

Therefore, you need to clean your web browser. Get rid of its cached files along with clearing out the cookies files. Furthermore, if not useful, you can also delete its browsing history.

Enter Correct URL

What if you have used the wrong URL? In that case, you can’t even access the Wavlink extender default URL. Perhaps, you were in hurry while typing the information in the web browser. To counter the issue, you should remove typing errors from the web address.


You need to be extremely careful when you perform Wavlink WiFi extender setup. Even a minute hindrance can lead to extender setup failed issue. In that case, your Wavlink repeater setup process will come to a halt. You can implement the points given above to ensure you can install the repeater seamlessly.

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