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Wavlink WiFi Says Weak Security. Help Me Fix It!

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Technological advancements are making wireless networking more secure than ever. By installing a WiFi device and tweaking its settings, one can create a secure home network. However, some Wavlink extender users have reported about their WiFi shows weak security. Why the WiFi says weak security? What can you do to fix it?

This post will shed light on all the aspects that you need to know about the security of your Wavlink WiFi extender. So, read on.

Reasons Why Wavlink WiFi Says Weak Security

A lot of people get scared when they see a weak security message on their network. Well, it has nothing to do with their client devices. The main culprit is the Wavlink extender. So, before we make you acquainted with the reasons why the Wavlink WiFi says weak security, have a nudge on the security parameters of your extender.

FYI, every Wavlink range extender uses a set of security protocols that decides whether the connection will be safe or not. In the Wavlink range extender, you can see the following security settings:

  1. WPA (WiFi Protected Access)

WPA is an improved version of the WEP protocol which was the first ever data encryption method. The reason for introducing the WPA security protocol was that the WEP was not much strong. The WPA protocol has enhanced security encryption that uses the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol. Additionally, it doesn’t allow WiFi bandits to match the WiFi password of your Wavlink extender with their key. Later on, the TKIP encryption standard got replaced with AES encryption.

  1. WPA2

The WPA2 security protocol is an enhanced version of the WPA protocol. It uses robust security standards and works on WPA2-PSK and WPA2-EAP settings.

  1. WPA/WPA2

This encryption standard by Wavlink is a combination of the aforementioned security protocols. It means if the user chooses this security standard, the security of their WiFi network will get enhanced.

So, if your WiFi says weak security, then there are high chances that your Wavlink extender is not running on the latest encryption standard. Therefore, if you want to clear the weak WiFi security message from your network, walk through the next section to learn how to change the security standard by accessing the Wavlink WiFi extender setup wizard.

Fix: WiFi Says Weak Security Issue

  1. Power Up the Wavlink Extender

  • First of all, find the working wall socket in the room where your host router is placed.

  • Once found, connect your Wavlink device to it and set its respective Power button to the ON position.

  1. Connect Extender and Router

  • The next step talks about the establishment of a connection between your Wavlink extender and router.

  • Therefore, get hold of a network cable with higher transmission rates and use it to connect your devices.

  • You can also take the help of a wireless source to do the same.

  1. Open a Web Browser

  • Have you connected your WiFi devices correctly? Great! Now, switch on your computer.

  • Ensure that the computer is not infected with viruses.

  • Load a web browser that is secure as well as updated.

  • Clear the browser’s cache too.

  1. Access the Wavlink Login Page

  • Now, move the cursor to the browser’s location (URL) bar.

  • Here, type the default web address of your Wavlink extender.

  • Press the Enter key.

  • The login page will appear.

  • In case you are unable to reach the Wavlink login page, make use of the extender’s default IP address.

  1. Do Wavlink Extender Login

  • On the Wavlink login page, you will be encouraged to enter the default admin password of the range extender.

  • So, if you haven’t updated the extender’s password since setup, then use the default password. Else, use the new one.

  • You can find the extender’s default password from the user guide you get at the time of purchasing your device.

  • Click the Login button after making the password entrée.

  1. Change the Encryption Standard

  • Once you get redirected to the Wavlink setup wizard, locate the WiFi tab.

  • Click the WiFi tab to reveal the extender’s wireless settings.

  • Select the latest encryption standard.

  • Save the changes.

This is how the encryption standard of your Wavlink extender can be changed so that the WiFi says weak security issues trouble you no more. In case you face any issues while doing so, we recommend you reboot the extender as a part of Wavlink extender troubleshooting.

Sum Up

When the Wavlink WiFi says weak security, it is a sign that the encryption standard you’ve selected for the extender is not the advanced one. Thankfully, you can tweak the wireless settings of your Wavlink extender to change its encryption.

Ending our post with the hope that you will get success in selecting an appropriate encryption standard for your extender using the aforementioned information. Furthermore, your WiFi won’t display the weak security message anymore.

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