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8 Features Of Custom boxes That Make Everyone Love It!

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Custom Boxes – The front is the first and most crucial component of the complete custom boxes. It’s as if you don’t have a business if potential customers can’t see your name and emblem. Ensure your custom boxes front displays what your company does, along with your logo and contact information.

Use Stunning Illustrations On Custom Boxes:

Custom boxes are more than just displaying your brand’s emblem. The greatest custom boxes have a layout that enhances the shopping experience for your customers. Because of this, the greatest corrugated custom boxes contain vibrant, lovely artwork highlighting the contents.

A tranquil scene for a spa-themed product or an abstract design for a young brand is just two examples of how you may use art to generate a certain mood or impression. You can also use original artwork as an example of what the product is for, such as flowers for a bouquet box, to demonstrate a feature or function of your product.

Use Boxes with Drawer Slides Open:

This kind of box is appealing because, like a drawer, it opens to expose its main feature, making it seem like a priceless gift. It’s a concept that came from giving gifts. But its appeal has also spread to many different sectors, including custom boxes wholesale and upscale retail boxes. Different colours and ecological cardboard are used in the packaging. Additionally, a satin finish can be applied inside for a more opulent look. You can also apply your logo to make this packing type work for you.

Make use of window die-cut Custom Boxes:

A mailer window box may be unfamiliar to you. It’s just a custom-printed cardboard box with your product displayed straight through the box itself. A mailer window box, as opposed to a standard, opaque box, features a front opening that allows customers to view your product without even having to open the box.

What makes this useful? Let’s imagine that your internet store sells jewellery. What if you could show potential customers how their bracelet will seem on them before they even decide to purchase it? Or, if you’re sending jewellery samples to potential buyers, you may display the various bracelet and necklace designs so the recipients can see which items they’ll be receiving.

Print on the box’s interior:

Your custom boxes might benefit from a personalised touch by having the interior painted. For instance, if you offer a subscription service, inside printing might increase the recipients’ sense of excitement and anticipation when they open their boxes each month.

The possibilities for bespoke mailer box interior printing are almost endless. Words, images, and even patterns and shapes are acceptable inclusions! When someone receives your packaging in the mail until they open it and start utilising the goods within, interior printing is a terrific way to guarantee that your branding is maintained throughout.

Make use of custom boxes with dividers:

Integrating compartments or divisions inside the box is among the top 10 custom mailer box ideas. These boxes include several internal divisions that make it simple to pack numerous things in a single box. According to marketing gurus, these custom boxes are perfect for including free samples of your products and other items. Multiple samples can be readily packed into a single package, which is economical and practical for enterprises.

Many beauty businesses also utilise these boxes to package their combo deals that include various makeup products. For instance, it’s simple to pack eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, and eye shadow in a single box.

Make Organic Appeal with Brown Rustic Cardboard Boxes:

The ideal cardboard boxes for packaging handcrafted and organic goods are rustic brown ones. They complement the product well since they have a raw, natural feel. To assure your clients of your company’s sustainability, custom boxes wholesale are also strong and environmentally friendly. You may demonstrate to your customers that you care about their health and the environment using plain cardboard as your mailer box.

Use 3D printing to create embossed surfaces on Custom Boxes:

Your firm name and logo’s lettering will stand out from the background thanks to the embossing effect. People will be drawn to touch the letters. As a result, connecting your brand to their tactile sense. Your custom printed custom boxes are made to transport goods to clients. The embossing effect engages your clients by allowing people to connect with your brand before they ever open the package.


These are just a handful of your alternatives, but we hope they can be a starting point for your original creations. The options are truly limitless, as is the case with most marketing and graphic design-related activities. Try out these novel approaches and methods. And be sure to share your ideas with us!

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