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Why The King Louie Strain Is One Of The Most Popular Around?

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There is no doubt that the King Louie strain enjoys a huge amount of popularity even years after it has been brought about. And why not? The high level of potency, the strength, coupled with a name that people recall with ease, this is one of those strains that you have to try (if you haven’t already).

Let’s find out what makes this such a popular choice for vape enthusiasts.

It is an Indica-Dominant Strain

The strong Indica dominance in the strain coupled with a pretty high THC percentage ensures that when you try it, you are going to feel quite the punch. It also has some Sativa elements which keep things balanced, though you will feel heavy and relaxed. Some people also experience a bit of couch lock. So if insomnia is giving you sleepless nights, then this is a must-try strain for your next vaping session.

What Does King Louie Strain Taste Like?

The taste of this strain is one of the most important reasons why people seem to love it so much. It is a kush and spicy aroma. It also has scents of pine, wood, and the earth in it which makes it a subtle and beautiful strain. If you have been wanting to buy terpenes with a subtle flavor, this is the one to buy.

Where Does the King Louie Strain Get Its Name?

Well, the strain has been named after King Louie, the French King. The richness of the aromas is one of the reasons it has been named after French royalty. You can smell it from a mile away! The smell of the forest and the earthy muskiness is going to make you a very happy person all around. We don’t know whether King Louie used it, but we can say for certain that it is a must-buy!

Buy BPA-Free Terpenes

When you are in the market for King Louie, buy terpenes from a registered and reputed seller. BPA-free products keep you safe from harmful chemicals and you don’t want the flavors of your favorite strain to feel choked.

In fact, if you are choosing this strain for your next purchase, a spray bottle can be perfect. It allows you to spray your dried herbs and flowers easily in one swift action. It also goes a lot further and will enhance your vaping experience.


How does King Louie make you feel?

King Louie provides users with a deep sense of relaxation, lulling them to sleep with pleasant pressure behind the eyes. The body stone will hit quickly and intensify over time, providing a sense of deep sedation. King Louis XIII, like most cannabis strains, has many applications.

Is King Louis good for sleep?

King Louis XIII: This Top Tier Indica strain will help with insomnia, depression, stress, and pain relief by producing a sleepy and calm euphoria.

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