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7 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles

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A skincare routine or even an eye care routine is easy to make but hard to follow. Right?

Well, that’s most of us. We find it really difficult to stick to a routine. This results in damaging our health especially when it comes to our skin health. Eye health is not an exception to this.

When we don’t take good care of our skin, we tend to develop puffy eyes or dark circles around the eyes. This is one of the most common problems people go through. Sometimes they can go in some time or may even require proper treatment.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends went to the top dermatologist in Lahore to overcome the problem of eye puffiness and dark circles as a part of pre-bridal care. Her doctor gave certain medications and eye gels for the treatment of dark circles. Other than this, the doctor also suggested some good eye care habits that helped her to get rid of the problem.

If you also suffer from the problem of dark circles and looking for easy solutions for this, then this article is the perfect read for you. Read on to know more about the tips to get rid of dark circles.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles?

Here are some of the best eye care tips to stick to if you want to get rid of those dark spots around your eyes:

1- Sleep well

This is probably one of the best things you can do to get rid of those stubborn dark circles on your eyes. There is a proven link between sleep deprivation and the quality of sleep. This happens because it results in a buildup of fluid in the vessels around the eyes as well as the blood in them gets darker, resulting in the appearance of darker areas.

So, no matter if you are staying up late for work or for fun, make sure to create a good sleep schedule. You can fix your own routine or if this nothing works for you then, it is better to talk to your doctor.

2- Have a cold compress

Next in the list of dark circle removal remedies comes the use of cold compress. This is the application of cold to the affected area. This world by soothing the inflamed or swollen area around your eyes that will help to get rid of the dark circles. All you need to do is to wrap a few ice cubes in a clean cloth and place those on the affected areas for 20 minutes using mild or gentle pressure. You can also use eye gel masks and leave them in the freezer and place them on your eyes later.

3- Apply tea bags

Have you heard about the use of green tea for weight loss or a faster metabolism? Well, you can even use these tea bags to get rid of dark circles. This works by stimulating the circulation of blood in the area which helps to reduce puffiness and overcome inflammation in the affected area. All you need to do is to freeze green tea bags for a few minutes and then place them on your eyes for another 10-15 minutes. Do this several times a week and see how this makes your dark circles go away.

4- Rosewater can help you

Rosewater doesn’t only smell nice but this can do wonders for your eyes.

Yes, you can use rose water on your eyes as this helps to rejuvenate your skin. This skin toner will fix the area around your eyes. All you have to do is to take cotton balls, dip them in rose water and apply this directly on the area for 15-20 minutes to get rid of the dark circles.

5- Use cucumber

We all have seen people keeping cucumber slices on their eyes in tv commercials but do you know that this can actually help us to overcome the problem of puffy eyes and dark circles? Cucumbers contain a good amount of water in them and frozen or cold cucumbers are soothing and feel good on your eyes. So, you just peel the cucumber into slices and place those slices in the freezer for some time. After that, you just have to keep those in your eyes.

6- Get an eye massage

Next in the list of home remedies for dark circles comes the role of eye massages. You can do one on your own using a few drops of coconut or olive oil. This improves the circulation of blood and ultimately resolves the problem of dark circles. Other than this, you can also invest in a good quality eye massager that will make your eyes look better.

7- Visit your doctor

If none of these work for you then, it is a good idea to talk to your dermatologist who can prescribe some eye creams or gels to resolve the darker spots.

Bottom Line

Other than these tips, make sure to drink enough water and consume good foods to keep your eyes healthy.

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