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Amped Extender Troubleshooting Tips to Boost its Performance

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Do you want to improve your Amped range extender’s performance? Great! You have reached the right page. This article will offer the best Amped wireless extender troubleshooting tips to improve its performance. Some are easy, whereas, a few require some hard work.

Don’t worry. We are always going to be at your disposal to ensure you follow the right method and sequence. With that said, let’s get through the troubleshooting tips and improve WiFi extender performance.

Tips to Boost Amped Extender Performance

Update Extender Firmware

Extender firmware has numerous instructions that come in handy for perfect working. However, a new update comes every couple of weeks. In many cases, users turn on the auto-update feature of Amped extender. It means new updates are not installed automatically.

Therefore, with an outdated web browser, the performance of your extender diminishes. Hence, you need to update the range extender firmware to boost the performance. To do that, you should do Amped wireless extender login.

Change WiFi Channels

As you might know, Amped range extenders are dual/tri bands. It means you have access to at least 2 WiFi frequencies. One is 2.4 GHz and the other is 5 GHz. 2.4 GHz has been widely used by almost every electrical appliance. In that case, your WiFi signals will keep on clashing with other devices’ frequencies while using 2.4 GHz.

To stay away from such scenarios, you need to shift to a 5 GHz WiFi channel. If there is a higher frequency than 5 GHz, you should choose that as well. After shifting the channel, reconnect to the WiFi network name.

Upgrade Extender Antennas

Even though Amped WiFi extender has pretty advanced antennas, however, they are stock ones. Hence, they have limited functionality, range, and output. In that case, you might not be able to get the most out of the extender.

However, if you change its antennas and upgrade them, the performance will improve drastically. While choosing extender antennas, understand their compatibility requirements before buying new antennas.

Use Wired Connection

Wireless connections might be hassle-free and clean. However, it is more prone to WiFi interference. Moreover, anything can lead to fluctuations in the Amped wireless network. So, you might receive inconsistent WiFi coverage.

To resolve this issue, you need to shift to a wired connection. Hence, get hold of the Ethernet cable and use it to connect the Amped extender and host router. Make sure that the wire used is free from cuts or is not worn out.

Minimize WiFi Interference

Wireless frequencies tamper with the Amped wireless range extender’s signals. As a result, the user either receives a poor WiFi network or does not get any signals. In that case, the surrounding of your range extender has to be modified.

We understand that it could be near impossible to modify your house. So, you should relocate your extender. Keep it somewhere aloof and away from other electrical gadgets, fish tanks, mirrors, concrete walls, corners, and under the tables.

Use Updated Web Browser

We know that most users solely focus on their Amped WiFi extender. They completely forget the tools used to access the internet. It means the web browser you are using might be at fault. So, before cursing your Amped range extender, check the internet browser.

For instance, it should be updated, compatible, and clean before you do anything. Even during Amped wireless extender setup, the web browser has a crucial role to play. Eliminating an outdated browser will boost your internet experience.


Small changes leave big impacts on the Amped wireless extender performance. In many cases, even changing the connection type can easily enhance the extender performance. If nothing works, you should go for reset. After that, reinstall the range extender. We hope these troubleshooting tips help you. Let us know in the comment section below.

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