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The Ultimate Guide to Boost Belkin Extender Performance

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The digital era – the time when every second task depends on the availability of the internet connection. People are investing in a plethora of devices to taste a high-speed internet connection. Belkin WiFi range extenders are one of them. If we believe the reports, we can say that millions in this world trust Belkin range extenders to compete with their networking needs. However, a few users have complaints too. They say that they are unable to get the maximum speed from their range extenders after getting the Belkin WiFi extender setup process completed.

Have you also got your name engraved on that list? Well, we’re sad to know that. But, we can help you out by providing some tips on improving the speed of your Belkin WiFi range extender. Continue reading to know them.

How to Boost Belkin Extender Performance?

  1. Placement is the Key

If we talk about the extender’s performance, 90% of its efficiency depends on how it is placed and where it is placed. You can’t place your Belkin range extender any way or anywhere. It requires proper calculation. The calculation considers the devices interfering with the signals of your range extender, the objects that reflect your extender’s signals, and thick walls. Not only this but monitoring devices are also taken into account. Your range extender needs to be a half-kilometer away from all these things.

Apart from interference, you should know how your extender is placed. It needs to be in the house’s central location. Well, we are saying this so that you can receive an even amount of signals in every part of the house. Also, raise it high from the floor. Do you want your WiFi signals to get absorbed by the floor?

  1. Hardwire the Extender-Router Connection

No matter how convenient it is, a wireless connection between your extender and router can create problems if the distance between them is not appropriate. Also, you can’t always rely on it. Being a wireless source, the chances of interference increase, and security breaches are expected. That is why you should look forward to a wired connection between your devices.

Any Ethernet cable offering a high data-transfer rate after being connected can do the job. But, it is advised that you do not go with the one that is damaged. Otherwise, it will not be of any good. The problems are likely to raise their heads in this case. And yes, the connection has to be strong as a welded joint.

  1. Consider Updating the Firmware

When it comes to updating the firmware, most of us keep ignoring them. But, we forget that we are putting our range extenders in pain. Well, every firmware upgrade arrives with some latest bug fixes and performance-boosting features. Ignoring them means depriving your range extender of the latest techniques. Thus, update the firmware before things get out of your hands.

This is to inform you that the firmware update process for every Belkin range extender model is the same irrespective of the fact that you’ve performed a Belkin WiFi extender N300 setup or installed another model. But, there’s only one thing that needs to be remembered till ages. It is that you are not allowed to upload the wrong firmware file on your range extender. It can increase your trouble instead of increasing the efficiency of your extender.

  1. Reboot the Extender

If you are tech-savvy, then you might be knowing about the miracles of performing a regular reboot on your WiFi extender. Well, if you’re not, what are we here for? Rebooting the device is one of the most powerful techniques to resolve minor glitches and improve its performance. Thus, you should do it often.

Also, rebooting does not require your blood and sweat. You just have to get up from your seat and reach the wall socket where your extender is plugged in. Have you reached there? Great! Now, remove the extender from the power outlet after setting the Power button to the off position. Wait for some time. Repeat the process, but reversibly for the next steps. Trust us, you’ll witness changes in the performance of your Belkin extender.

Bonus! There are times when unauthorized users gain access to the network of your Belkin range extender and eat up the entire bandwidth. You can push them out by accessing the dashboard of your range extender and blocking them from stealing your WiFi. Thus, there will be no chance of WiFi bandits.


There are a number of ways using which you can improve the performance of your Belkin WiFi range extender. Right from the placement to the firmware update, every aspect helps in taking the extender’s performance to a new level. However, if you’re still unhappy with the extender’s performance, it is time for a new start. Perform the Belkin repeater setup again with new settings and enjoy.

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