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Dejavu Movie Download in Hindi FilmyZilla 720p, 480p

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Dejavu Full Movie is a Mystery Thriller Film. This movie is directed by Arvind Srinivasan. Arulnithi played the lead role in Dejavu Tamil Movies. People are desperate to watch Dejavu movie, they are constantly searching the internet by typing Dejavu Full Movie Download.

Dejavu Movie Download in Hindi

Dejavu movie released. On 22 July 2022. And the running time of this movie is 118 minutes. Dejavu Full Movie is a Tamil movie, but this movie is also dubbed into other languages. Stay tuned and scroll down for Dejavu Tamil Online Watch and Download.

Dejavu Movie Download in Hindi FilmyZilla 720p, 480p

Dejavu movie in Hindi is a thriller movie telling the story of an undercover officer who handles the missing case and is unfolding the mystery behind the crime. Deja Vu movie in Hindi dubbed download has got an IMDb rating of 6.7 out of 10 by 1,172 viewers. The movie can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video with a subscription. The movie is written and directed by Arvind Srinivasan.

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Dejavu Tamil Movie Release Date and Time

Deja Vu movie download 1080p was released on July 22, 2022, in India originally in the Tamil language with a runtime of 1 hour 57 minutes. This is an excellent movie and it looks like it is based on a real-life incident. This is a very engaging and excellent investigation thriller. The climax is such an unexpected and stunning twist. Kudos to the director, Arul, and the team. This has a well-narrated and edited screenplay. And a very emotional subject makes this a must-watch for thriller lovers.

Movie Dejavu
Cast Arulnithi, Madhoo, Achyuth Kumar, and Smruthi Venkat
Release date 22 July 2022
Distributed by South India
Language Tamil, Hindi
Country India
White Carpet Films, PG Media Works
Produced by K. Vijay Pandi, and P. G. Muthiah
Running time 118 minutes
Director Arvindh Srinivasan
Movie Type Mystery Thriller Film

A crime novelist complains to the police that his fictional characters are disturbing him. Soon, the police realize that his words are true and start to investigate the matter. At last, the truth is revealed behind all the mysteries. The screenplay of deja vu 2022 Tamil movie free download is good but not great and it is a one-time watch movie.

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Dejavu Movie in Hindi Trailer

Deja Vu movie download in Hindi is a thriller led by Arulnithi, Madhoo, and Achyut Kumar. Truly speaking, this movie was quite enjoyable despite a few screenplay flaws. Arulnithi is probably the best fit for this kind of role and shows all signs of matured level of acting and understanding of the need of the director. More miles to go for him to get even closer to the top-row heroes though. But way too better in performance when compared to his cousin. The Chinna Chinna aasai Roja girl Madhu looks a bit aged here and gives an average performance. As a cop, the body language could have been better, good that it did not hamper the movie experience.

Achyut Kumar does a very good job and ensures his share of contribution really proves worthy to the movie. Kali Venkat is seen more often these days in prominent roles and really does everything to make his role notable with his acting. Nothing to specifically mention about music, cinematography, etc. All are filled as required. It was a good attempt at probably a unique story line and the plot handled, was majorly interesting. The director though messed up a bit toward the end making things go a little haywire. Still, he can be excused, and to proceed with the movie I would say overall deja vu movie in Hindi is a good movie that has happened again.

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Dejavu Movie Full Cast

  • Arulnithi as ACP Vikram Kumar alias Arun
  • Achyuth Kumar as Novelist Subramani (voice dubbed by M. S. Bhaskar)
  • Madhoo as DGP Asha Pramod
  • Maria Vincent as Janani
  • Kaali Venkat as Constable Ezhumalai
  • Chetan as Chetan, Asha’s PA
  • Mime Gopi as ACP of Police
  • Surjith Kumar as Kishore, Pooja’s colleague
  • Smruthi Venkat as Pooja, Asha’s Daughter
  • Ragav Vijay as Ravi and Rahul (Dual Role)
  • Supergood Subramani as Constable N. Divakar Bala
  • Yalini Rajan as Anitha, Pooja’s best friend
  • Girija as Ramya, Pooja’s colleague
  • Joseph as Siddharth, MLA’s son
  • KPY Bala

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Dejavu Tamil Movie Download Kuttymovies

As expected, the end was a dejavu. Deja vu 2022 Tamil movie free download is about to entertain us in the Tamil industry as this is quite unusual to risk with this kind of script. The biggies will never pick this and the newcomers won’t give us such entertainment. Arul Nidhi who picked the script with super thrill has provided one more good. I like this plot and there are emotional outputs in the script which one way will always be the expectations from Tamil audiences. The story gears up on the first frame itself and no way debating with the usual comedy, romance, and songs.

Dejavu Tamil Movie Download Telegram

I was happy to see the hero introduced after 30 minutes. That is a great inclusion and out of the usual formula. The first half was very pacy and the same gear was not flowing in the second half. As the emotions and flashbacks slowed the plot and many would not like that so. Deja vu movie download 1080p is filled with Arul Nidhi and Achyut for almost 75 minutes. Yes, it is interesting and there are a lot of breakthroughs and suspense elements. We can enjoy it throughout and ending scenes are not possible in real-life scenario but as a movie I accept it.

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Dejavu Tamil Movie Download Telegram Link

Deja Vu movie download in Hindi had a decent story and twist elements in it. The casting is also good but something totally messed up in the presentation. The title and the Deja Vu factor were supposed to be used brilliantly but ended up as a big thud. When the flow reveals the twist, the Deja Vu factor was supposed to be an exclaiming one but ended up cheating the viewers.

At least they should have avoided this title. Sometimes the dubbing and camera work reminds me of serial drama making and it adds the biggest minus point to the movie flow. We are okay to forgive the logical flaw in the making and story, but the cheating factor killed the interest of the movie. I highly recommend deja vu movie in Hindi to anyone interested in investigative crime movies. There is meticulous detail put into this film. It is yet another sophisticated thriller I enjoyed immensely.

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Dejavu Tamil Movie Download Tamilgun

Deja Vu 2022 Tamil movie free download has the right stuff going for it in terms of overall acting, direction, sound effects and photography. The editing is superb and is one of the fast-cut types of editing. The film itself is fast paced. Though you have to pay close attention to the opening half hour to see where this masterpiece is headed. After watching the movie till the conclusion, I was not surprised at how much heart was put into this film. Deja Vu movie download 1080p addresses issues prevalent in India.

All of humanity’s vices are shown here expertly by the director. Also yet another example of a circumstantial film and one that follows the rule for every action there is. The plot of the film concerns a man, Subramani, who walks in apparently drunk, into a police station, claiming he has been receiving death threats by phone because of a book he has written showing the perpetration of a crime. He believes the killer in his book is the one making the phone calls. The police take him lightly, but his complaint is lodged. Soon a phone call arrives by a woman who claims the writer Subramani was involved in her kidnapping. Subramani is then arrested and a sequence of events soon follows that will lead to a terrifying conclusion. I would highly recommend this one for your viewing.

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Dejavu Tamil Movie Download Masstamilian

Deja vu movie in Hindi dubbed download has its problems with some plot holes and continuity. But overall the movie is thrilling and unpredictable almost till the half of the third act. Could have been better but being a small movie they have done a good job. Worth a watch and good to see a good plot. This investigated thriller is a great one time watchable movie since it is a thriller. It is based on a book which is written by a writer and some characters come into life and move around the writer.

This is a kind of supernatural suspense thriller with investigative elements. This is a decent thriller with suspense and twist elements. Deja Vu movie in Hindi is definitely a good thriller with loads of suspense elements and the twist in the climax although predictable was still convincing enough the confusion that stays throughout the film of guessing the protagonist and antagonist was engaging enough to keep you guessing till the very end and even though if you would have predicted it, the films still convince by mixing it up with a different group of people also doing the same thing, it was definitely decent enough twist that convinces with your time spend well on the guessing part plus some more twist.

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Deja Vu movie watch online Dailymotion

Although deja vu movie download in Hindi travels and tries to keep us engaged, it still feels like being dragged in some portions, and the content itself was very old, nothing new was presented here except the screenplay part which kept us guessing, still there could have been much more improvements done to make the overall film even better but that opportunity was missed.


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Dejavu Movie Download in Tamil isaimini FAQs

Who is the director of the movie Deja Vu 2022?

The movie 2022 is directed and written by Arvind Srinivasan.

Where can I watch the movie Dejavu 2022?

The movie Deja Vu 2022 can be viewed on Amazon Prime video with a subscription.

When was the movie Deja Vu 2022 released?

The movie Deja Vu 2022 was released on July 22, 2022.

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