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Dostojee Bengali Movie Download FilmyZilla 720p, 480p, 300MB

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Dostojee Bengali Movie Online Watch – Dostojee Bengali Movie is a Bengali feature drama film. This movie is directed by Prasun Chatterjee. The story of movie Dostojee revolves around the story of a sweet and loyal good friend between two friends. Dostojee Bengali Movie Starring Arif Shaikh, Asik Shaikh, Jayati Chakraborty, YourPritam. In Bengali cinema, this movie has become so much in people’s minds that this movie has got a lot of love in other countries besides India. People are repeatedly searching the internet by typing Dostojee Bengali Movie Download to watch this movie. Right now you can watch this movie ahead of theaters.

Dostojee Bengali Movie Download

Dostojee Bengali Movie Release Date is 11 November 2021. This movie is made on a budget of 1 to 2 crore rupees. And the running time of this movie is 111 minutes. Anyway stay tuned and scroll down for Dostojee Full Movie Online Watch and Download.

Dostojee Bengali Movie Download Filmyzilla 1080p

Dostojee Bengali movie free download is a drama movie of two friends of one hour and 51 minutes released on November 11, 2021. Two 8 year old boys navigate a growing religious divide in this portrait of childhood set after the destruction of India’s Babri mosque. The Dostojee movie download 720p is written and directed by Prasoon Chatterjee and in this article, we have also provided you with the full cast along with the characters played by them. It has won 8 awards and has been nominated 10 more times.

It is a mind blowing movie and has been awarded many times. It is the best Asian movie I have ever seen. I would request everyone to go and see Dostojee Bengali movie download free at least once. I am a big fan of Prasoon Chatterjee.

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Dostojee Movie Release Date and Time

Dostojee Bengali movie download 1080p was released on 12 October 2022 in the United Kingdom and in India it was released on 4 November, 2022 in Bangla language originally. It is a heart touching story of friendship and separation. Dostojee Bengali movie free download tells us the story of a beautiful friendship that blossoms in the muck of distrust that affects the societal fabric all around us. Set in a tense time period after the Babri masjid demolition and the Bombay bomb blasts, the Dostojee Bengali movie Download free unfolds through the eyes of its two little protagonists.

Movie Dostojee (দোস্তজি)
Cast Arif Shaikh, Asik Shaikh, Jayati Chakraborty, YourPritam
Release date 12 October 2021 (UK), 11 November 2021 (IND)
Distributed by Theater
Language Bengali
Country India
Kathak Talkies
Produced by Prasun Chatterjee, Prosenjit Ranjan Nath, Soumya Mukhopadhyay, Ivy Yu-Hua Shen
Running Time 111 minutes
Budget ₹1-2 crore
Director Prasun Chatterjee
Movie Type Bengali feature Drama film

We see an innocent friendship blossom where the breaking of a kite is a much bigger problem than whether to build a temple or a mosque. Then, catharsis strikes and there is a separation never to be bridged. And we see a friend living in a world alone, but with his friend still inside him- a part of him never to go away.

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Dostojee Bengali Movie Official Trailers

A 2 minute and 25 seconds trailer has been released on YouTube in 2021. Watch the first look teaser from Dostojee Bengali movie download 1080p or Two friends by Prasoon Chatterjee which has been officially selected for world premiere at the 65th London Film Festival UK, in love strand. It is about an innocent friendship of two boys in a remote Bengali border village in a no man’s Land that crosses the barriers built by religion and society.

But even when faith separates the two in a tragic turn of events can friendships end? Dostojee Bengali movie free download is written, directed, and produced by Prasoon Chatterjee along with others under the banner of Kathak talkies in the Bengali language with English subtitles. It is a 111-minute runtime movie with music recording and editing by Sujal Chakraborty and Suman Dey.

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Dostojee Movie Full Cast

Satyajit Ray and many other directors come to mind in Bengali cinema, Mrunal Sen many more, and one more name in this great directors circle is Prasoon Chatterjee. Besides, I was impressed by the acting of two young children, Arif Shaikh and Asif Sheikh respectively, Safikul and Palash. Especially Aashiq Sheikh who played the role of Palash, this is his first film. The full cast of the movie is as follows:

  • Arif Shaikh as Safiqul
  • Asik Shaikh as Palash
  • YourPritam as Raja
  • Jayati Chakraborty
  • Anujoy Chattopadhyay
  • Swatilekha Kundu

Dostojee Bengali movie Download mp4moviez

Dostojee Bengali movie free download has all such elements that rural Bengal has but it never bored me, rather it took me to my childhood. I enjoyed each and every moment of two boys’ daily activities and their school life. When adults were fighting with their religious identities, two protagonists were busy building a relationship between two friends. This is the inner beauty of the movie. I recommend all adults to watch Dostojee Bengali movie online free along with their kids. Dostojee Bengali movie download 1080p got an IMDb rating of 8.2 out of 10 by 334 viewers.

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Dostojee Bengali Movie Download Telegram Link

The beautifully picturized dostojee movie download 720p tried to capture how loss of a simple and essentially rural friendship affects an innocent child, his surroundings and his academics. The characters around him are only a few and their interfaces make the movie outstanding because it takes you to childhood friends and the oscillating relationship. I felt absolutely possessed less looking inside and looking past the simple lower middle class childhood. Those golden days that gave frequent priceless moments but disappeared quickly as I grew up.

Dostojee Bengali movie Download mp4moviez

A must visit good theater screen may mark the vividness of rural landscapes often drenched with heavy rains that make the main soundscape more often than not. And the heavy rain changed the storyline suddenly-when the theme of the movie penetrates your ego and takes you back to a humble childhood. Really I have become fan of Bengali movie after watching this movie, so now you can also search for them online Watch Dostojee Bengali movie online free.

Dostojee Bengali Movie Download Filmywap

You may miss the extraordinary cinematography if you see Dostojee Bengali movie free download in an average cinema hall. Having said that, I did not like the end of the movie where a particular bird’s call filled the vacancy of a child’s mind, which was so overwhelmed by a tragedy. Go and explore your memory scape with this movie. This film does not show poverty at all. However, the rural background with ordinary people having absolutely no glamor may not bring entertainment to many. But people loving art films close to the real life of rural Bharat and enjoying the movies made by Ray, sen, Ghatak, Benegal, and Gopalakrishnan would definitely like it, I feel.

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Dostojee Bengali Full Movie Download Pagalmovies

The name dostojee bengali movie download free has a touch of love. Not a single word has been said since seeing the film. Dostojee Bengali movie free download is at the top of all the films released at the time. Really wonderful picture. The way the pictures are made, no matter how much I talk about it, will be less. Last but not the least, Tuhin Biswas’ excellent cinematography best wishes to your entire team, keep going Bangla will regain its glory for sure the beginning is with you. The story telling, landscape, acting, and cinematography all are too good. I know that you will immediately search the internet by typing Watch dostojee Bengali movie online free.

The purity of the two little boys’ friendship touched my heart, it shows how true friendship can overcome all the challenges in society with ease. The director portrays Dostojee Bengali movie Download 1080p so nicely as I am witnessing a painter painting with beautiful colors.

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Dostojee Bengali full movie download 9xMovies

This is a heart-touching assembling of a dozen unforgettable frames. The simplicity of binding the incidents in a flow is the strength of the Dostojee Bengali movie download 1080p. Two boys of different communities in a disturbing political backgrounds with their own life in their own style and find out the truth of happiness. Their friendship becomes immortal when the little boy learns to fill the presence of the lost friend Dostojee within his soul, with sudden growth attachment to books and nature.

Death makes the friendship silent, stronger and deeper. Dostojee is a word itself, an expression of sweetness and respect. The Director used some strong characters with minimum dialogues as extraordinary brushes to draw some important strokes to complete the picture such as a nomad, the sister of a boy, and a cycle repair shop. Last but not least extraordinary acting of two boys spellbound us. But you now Watch Dostojee Bengali Movie online free.

Dostojee Bengali Movie Download FilmyMeet

After winning multiple awards in various film festivals including Cannes, it was released in Kolkata. Those who are missing the art films of Satyajit Ray, ritwik Ghatak, Mrinal Sen, Gautam Ghosh, and buddhadev Dasgupta, must see the movie. But the surprising thing is that you now Watch Dostojee Bengali Movie online free.

Dostojee Bengali Movie Watch Online DailyMotion

The House of both friends Muslim Saifqul and Hindu Palash is right on the border. Both call each other Dostojee. Their daily routine is going to school together, laughing, playing, jumping, etc. Both are happy with most of the habits and dimensions of childhood. Both of them have cordial relationships in their families. From the beginning till the first half, the story is at its continuous pace.

But in the second half of Dostojee Bengali Movie Download free, that is, after the death of Palash, the story has moved from its reality to a skewed pace. The demolition of the mosque took place in December when the weather was cold while the scene outside the shows rain when the news of the Babri masjid demolition was heard on the radio at a Tea shop. There is a lack of pace in the Dostojee Bengali movie download 1080p.

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Dostojee Bengali Full Movie Download Filmywap

You may be searching many places to download Dostojee Full Movie. However, you might have realized by now that the story of this movie is actually about two friends. Dostojee Movie is now available to watch on Netflix, so whenever you search on the internet by typing Dostojee Bengali Movie Online Watch you will get a Netflix link. Dostojee Bengali Full Movie HD has been released in many other countries besides India and people of all countries are loving this movie widely, although this movie faced many hurdles while making it.

But now the Dostojee Bengali Movie got its a success. People are often now searching for Dostojee Bengali Movie Download Mp4moviez. Anyway if you want to watch this movie then you can go to Netflix and watch it.


We do not attempt to promote or encourage piracy. Piracy is an illegal activity that is completely banned by the government. We strictly follow government copyright laws. So we don’t provide any kind of download link here. The content mentioned here is only to suggest to our readers about this movie. We always advise our readers to use legal platforms for Dostojee Full Movie Online Watch and Download.

Dostojee Movie Download Tamilrockers FAQs

Who is the director of the movie Dostojee?

Prasoon Chatterjee is the writer and director of the movie Dostojee.

When was the movie Dostojee released?

The movie Dostojee was released on 12 October 2021 in the United Kingdom and in India it was released on 11 November 2021.

Where can I watch the movie dostojee?

The movie Dostojee can be watched in theaters.

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