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Find Out About Most Expensive Phone In The World

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Since practically everyone on the earth needs one, it is the most popular technology of the twenty-first century. These gadgets are useful in our daily life. Despite the fact that carrying a cellphone seems to be most obvious and practical for communication, it has thankfully evolved beyond that.

Who says that the specs on cellphones are everything? Look at some of the most expensive phone in the world; they have much more to brag about than just the best specs. Designers have applied their Midas touch to the world of technology, resulting in mobile phones that cost more than $1 million.

Virtue Signature Cobra

The Virtue Signature Cobra is the tenth most expensive phone in the world according to our ranking of the top ten most expensive smartphones. The Virtue Signature Cobra was created by the French jewellery firm Boucheron. It is made up of more than 388 parts that were put together in the UK.

It has a 5.2-inch full HD screen with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels and 4GB of RAM. One of the most expensive phones in the world, it boasts 64GB of internal storage and an attached slot that can accommodate a MicroSD card with a capacity of more than 2TB. The Vertu Signature Touch offers a 2.1MP front camera for an excellent selfie in addition to a 21MP rear camera with a dual-tone ED flash. More on most expensive phone in the world are below.

Diamond Crypto

The sixth most expensive phone in the world is the Diamond Crypto Smartphone. Due to its encrypted voice and SMS communication, it is one of the most secure phones in the world. However, this feature came at a high price, placing it among the top ten most expensive phones in the world.

The Diamond Crypto Smartphone has additional security and advantages over other phones because the entire system is encrypted.

Crypto smartphones are among the most costly phones in the world and are built of 18-carat rose gold. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is pricey and contains a number of distinctive cryptographic features. You should know about this regarding most expensive phone in the world.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Jackpot by Gresso, a well-known accessory designer, comes in eighth. You can get one of the most expensive phones in the world for a cool $1 million. Each phone in the three-piece limited edition series has its own special number inscribed on the rear.

The phone weighs an astonishing 108 grammes and is embellished with four black diamonds weighing a combined 45.5 carats.

If you like a phone with various textures, the rear panel is created from a priceless African tree that is 200 years old. Additionally, 32-carat sapphires that have been meticulously polished have been added to each key on the phone.

iPhone 3GS Supreme

The Goldstriker 3GS Supreme has many of the same characteristics as the 3G Kings Button but has more carats. Two hundred and seventy-one grammes of 22-karat gold were used to make the phone, another successful invention by Stuart Hughes regarding most expensive phone in the world.

One hundred thirty-six diamonds are set in the iPhone’s bezel, and fifty-three diamonds are set in the Apple logo on the back of the device. The Goldstriker likewise sports a single-cut diamond for a home button, like the Kings Button, but this one is a massive 7.1 carats. If the phone itself doesn’t convince you, perhaps its packaging and presentation will!

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

The third most expensive phone in the world is this iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition. Only two phones have been produced to yet in order to maintain exclusivity, and each one was entirely customised for its user.

The Apple logo is adorned with fifty-three diamonds and the phone is made entirely of solid rose gold. It also contains five hundred hundred carats of diamonds. The home button on the third and fourth phones on our list is composed of a single-cut, 7.4-carat pink diamond.

You’ll be happy to know that $8 million will also earn you a solid granite presentation box, similar to the Goldstriker Supreme and Kings Button, if you’re into packaging. That is why it is in the list of most expensive phone in the world.

iPhone 4S Elite Gold

There are a lot of expectations when a phone is the second most expensive in the world. Having said that, the Elite Gold iPhone 4 doesn’t fall short in any way. The custom phone has a five hundred and one carat diamond coating, while its logo and rear panel are made of twenty-four carat gold.

The home button is crafted from an 8.6-carat single-cut diamond, and the logo also has 53 diamonds to add to its wow impact. You’ll be glad to hear that your $9.4 million purchase also earns you a backup 7.6-carat single-cut diamond in case you were to misplace or lose the 8.6-carat diamond.

Lamborghini 88 Tauri

The Lamborghini 88 Tauri is a high-end smartphone made by the luxury vehicle manufacturer. The phone is made of high-quality components, including genuine gold plating, black, silver, and nine various shades of calfskin leather concerning most expensive phone in the world.

It is claimed that the smartphone’s screen is scratch- and break-proof. The glass in it is allegedly the same as that found in Lamborghini’s own vehicles. The Android-powered smartphone has a 20MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera as far as hardware is concerned. It has a Qualcomm quad-core processor clocked at 2.3GHz and 3GB of RAM.

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Sirin Solarin Crystal

One of the priciest Android cellphones in the world was introduced earlier this year by Israeli firm Sirin Labs. The smartphone, known as Solarin, has been branded the “Rolls Royce of smartphones.” The business touts Solarin as the “most secure” Android phone ever made.

The smartphone promises to protect users’ calls and messages with military-grade encryption technology. With support for 24 LTE bands and a 2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 CPU, Solarin offers “much greater” Wi-Fi connectivity than other most expensive phone in the world.

There are four different colour options available for the smartphone: Fire Black Carbon Leather with Titanium, Fire Black Carbon Leather with Diamond-like Carbon, Fire Black Carbon Leather with Yellow Gold, and Crystal White Carbon Leather with Diamond-like Carbon.

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