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Forgot device password and unable to Reset? Here Are The Tips to Resolve.

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Have you forgotten the password and now filled the wrong one? Many users make the same mistake when they do not get good internet speed. This issue is never ending and so are our tips. In this article we will discuss all the issues including how to reset password by using the steps; of re.rockspace.local login.

Requirements For Rockspace Router setup

One thing you have to keep in mind, that a router is also a device which gets the internet connection from the Internet service provider.

The bandwidth and signal speed is decided to meet by your router once you fix your internet plan. Unbox the rockspace router and keep the configuration card that comes along with it.

  • First find the default IP address of the wifi router as most of the times it is labeled at the bottom of the router. 
  • To console the computer or smartphone connection problem connect it with the router.
  • Keep the power socket near the Wifi router and place the extender at a close distance.
  • An ethernet cable is potential and useful tip to form strong connection( it is optional though)

Install Rockspace Wifi Router

  • First connect the internet port of the extender to the WAN port of the router using the internet internet wire that comes along the router.
  • Second, plug in the router to the power socket and turn the router on. Ensure that the extender is also in active connection from the internet provider and on from the socket as well.
  • After performing the above steps, Now open the browser of your computer and type 192.168. 0.254, In the top bar of the address and then press enter.
  • Type the default username and password if it is asked at the time of accessing the page. After redirected to the local web console of the rockspace router.
  • Along with the configuration card enter the other details like username, which is admin and password is also admin.
  • The Setup process will start with extender login and Rockspace router login. The extender can easily detect the router.
  • You have to follow the on screen instructions to select the region, language and agree the terms and conditions of its usage.
  • Then you have to set up the SSID, the name of the network. Make a strong password for the internet. This is for the encryption key. Choose WPA2-PSK as security authentication.
  • For guest users, use different passwords. You can definitely open the guest user, but it should be password protected by the guest users.
  • Once you are done doing all the settings first save them, and then update the firmware of the router before you leave the page.
  • Now restart the router and while using the password that you need to connect to the network name.

Start Both The Modem And Extender With WPS

Once you have tried all the ways to get the better connectivity, and all just goes in vain then you can try using a WPS button. After power cycling the device. Press the WPS button of both the rockspace extender setup and router, Simultaneously you will see a green light if the router and extender is in a good connection. 

But if the light is visibly red then the connection might be poor. Or no connection either. So always make sure to see the light at the network formation. 

Router Reset

This one is the easiest and the fastest formula or tip, to resolve the connection error if none of the tips are helping. There is a reset button behind the router which helps to reset the device. Press it gently for 20-30 seconds. As a result, your router will be back to its process again. 


We hope all your issues regarding the password not recovering may not arise again. As we have clearly said above. we guarantee that you can easily do it yourself.

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