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How to Fix Amped SR300 Router Firmware Update Failure Issue?

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Every Amped wireless router ships with firmware. The firmware ensures that your device works properly. Not only that, but your router will be equipped with security features to protect it from potential threats. Many users perform Amped router firmware updates to take advantage of these features. However, the majority of them struggle with the process, especially those owning SR300.

Are you unable to update the firmware on your Amped wireless SR300 router as well? That is nothing to be concerned about because we are here to assist you. In this article, we discussed some of the most effective methods for resolving the Amped router firmware update failure issue in a matter of minutes. Continue reading.

Fixed: Amped SR300 Router Firmware Update Failed 

Restart Your Router

Technical issues are one of the most common reasons why you are unable to update the firmware of your Amped router. Fortunately, these issues can be resolved by rebooting your home router.

Follow the steps outlined below to learn how to restart your device:

  • Disconnect your Amped router from your current modem.
  • Turn off your router and unplug it from its power source.
  • Hold your breath for a few seconds.
  •  Finally, reconnect your router to the wall socket and press the Power button.
  • Remember to reconnect your Amped router to your existing modem.

After rebooting your device, try logging in via http //setup.ampedwireless.com and update your device’s firmware.

Check the Ethernet connection.

It is possible that you are connecting your Amped wireless router and the existing modem with a worn-out and damaged Ethernet cable.

Consider replacing your Ethernet cable to troubleshoot the problem. Connect your devices wirelessly if you’ve lost faith in a wired source.

Bring Your Devices Closer

Maybe you put your Amped SR300 wireless router too far from your existing modem. If there is too much space between your devices, they can find it difficult to communicate.

As a result, ensure that your Amped router and existing modem are in the same room. However, do not put them too close together. Otherwise, the WiFi signals may clash, resulting in technical issues similar to the one you are currently experiencing.

Prevent WiFi Interference

Check that your Amped router and existing modem are not located near any of the following items:

Cordless phones, mirrors, fish tanks, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, baby monitors, etc.

Also, avoid putting your Amped WiFi router and home modem under or inside a cabinet.

Make use of the proper admin details

You must open the Amped wireless setup wizard in order to update the firmware of your device to the most recent version. Additionally, you must use the proper login information in order to access the main dashboard.

Fix the error as soon as possible if you logged in to your device using the wrong admin username and password. Consult your Amped router’s user manual if you are unclear about the login credentials.

After completing these hacks, upgrade the firmware of your Amped router by following the instructions below.

How Can I Update Amped Router’s Firmware?

  • Turn the computer on.
  • Open a browser on your computer.
  • Enter the default web address in your internet browser’s address bar.
  • Enter should be pressed.
  • You will now be on your Amped router’s login page.
  • Enter the default username and password, then press the Log In button.
  • Select Maintenance under Settings.
  • To upgrade the firmware, click Firmware Update.

Your Amped wireless router’s firmware will eventually be updated to the most recent version. Consider going to the Amped extender login page and taking the same actions as previously if you have an extender and wish to update its firmware.

These troubleshooting tips should assist you in solving the Amped router firmware update failure problem.

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