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How to operate multiple Twitter accounts efficiently

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How to operate multiple Twitter accounts efficiently

There will be a point in your social media journey when you look comprar seguidores twitter at your company and think, “Is it time to create another Twitter account? Companies and brands only require a global presence or a large number of followers to require numerous Twitter accounts.

However, suppose you’re in the market for a broad public, multiple products or services, or even different departments with different objectives. Then, having various Twitter accounts may be your most effective solution.

While having multiple accounts can appear like adding more work, If you plan it well and contemplate it, you’ll discover that it benefits you in the end. 

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When is it appropriate to utilize multiple Twitter accounts

  • From the perspective of your brand’s point from brand’s point of”yes” to any of these questions?
  • Have you ever written an email where you wish you could have targeted a particular target audience?
  • Have you had to deal with customer service issues? Consumed the majority portion of the time you spend on Twitter?
  • Have you got multiple offices or offices across states, regions, or regions?
  • Have you got a character who has a following?
  • Do you have multiple products or services that are targeted at different groups?

If you said”yes” or “no” to all of these questions, you might be searching for a new Twitter account.

Higher education

Higher education and college institutions have multiple audiences that they must reach out to. Multiple accounts help narrow the subject matter and allow their followers to select and select which ones to follow. Comprar seguidores Twitter instantaneamente

The goals and content of an admissions office will differ from the objectives of a football team. This is also true for different audiences for departmental news, alum communications, and graduate schools.

Multiple product & service lines

Do your various services and products have different target audiences? If so, you should create an account on Twitter. Adidas has created accounts for all of the sports they play. The prior version focuses on their branding, storytelling, and significant partnerships, while the other reports focus on a specific sport.

For example, if there were no Adidas Wrestling account, wrestling would be just one area covered by the statement. Because of this, Adidas Wrestling can be a wrestling fan constantly and grow its fan base with a specific focus.

Customer service focus

Above and Beyond, of the main reasons that social media users connect with brands via social media, 37% are focused on issues related to customer service, and 59% send a message of praise following a positive experience. In addition, 23% are seeking social connections or an alignment with the brand’s beliefs.

This demonstrates the range of demands placed on a social media team to respond swiftly to any message. For example, it may be easier for a customer support team to handle feedback and praise. In contrast, the community management team is responsible for posts related to brand values and social networks. With this division of labor in mind, now could be the time to establish the customer service Twitter handle.

As a major company, Verizon is busy managing comments and feedback on social media. For example, they have created an additional Twitter account for customer service that can listen to and respond to customer complaints and inquiries.


The primary account of Salesforce is focused on promoting its products. Their careers account is focused on sharing company culture. Additionally, Salesforce has offices across the globe. With a Salesforce account, the recruitment department can easily communicate career tips and be a listener to prospective candidates.

How do you create multiple Twitter accounts?

The process of setting up another Twitter account is the same as the process of creating a new account. But details matter. You want your followers to only view your new account after understanding its purpose or its relationship to your main account. If you can, confirm the other account you have. melhor site para comprar seguidores twitter

Take a look at your sources

First, ensure you have the tools to handle several Twitter accounts. Then, examine your audience insights and Twitter’s statistics to determine how much attention each version requires. Do you have the personnel to respond quickly to each account? The Twitter report can effortlessly distill this for you.

Make sure that the brand’s visual identity is consistent across all accounts

In the next step, you’ll want your account recognizable as a brand name. This can be accomplished by the same logo and mentions of the character in your bio. For example, Airbnb has several Twitter accounts.

In the example above, the Australia account has the same logo as their main account, allowing customers to recognize it as an authentic account quickly. Again, this is an essential and integral part of your overall strategy for branding on social media.

Determine your brand’s voices

Set up your brand and establish its voice. What are the essential elements the representative of your company has to be consistent on all your platforms? What are the differences across your different Twitter accounts? Comprar seguidores Twitter 2022

For instance, your college account must utilize more language and vocabulary that is similar to the language of the students they want to get. On the other hand, the medical school’s account could adopt more of a formal, scientific voice.

How to directly manage multiple Twitter accounts? How do you manage multiple Twitter?

You’ve decided that you would like to create more than one Twitter account. So your next task is determining the best ways to handle and analyze multiple accounts.

Select the best program to manage social media

This is a crucial first step. While Twitter’s native application and Tweetdeck offer simple methods for switching between Twitter accounts, you’ll eventually require a management tool that can publish content and sync across accounts.

Social’s software was designed to help you grow your brand. With various teams and permissions available, it is easy to plan a Tweet across several accounts in one place. Additionally, sharing an Asset Library will ensure that you’re always in line with your brand.

Have a separate social-customer service team? It’s no problem. Every message in the inbox can be labeled and assigned to the correct section. There is no need to sign from one system and respond in an additional one. Customer service management should be seamless, so your staff can concentrate on customer care.

Create an internal approval procedure

With extensive and divided teams, you must ensure that Tweets align with the brand and are appropriately timed. First, develop an easy approval and assigning procedure.

A unifying calendar and review of drafts are as simple as pressing one button. With the publishing calendar, it is possible to check the schedules of all your accounts quickly. If you require approvals for specific Tweets, include them in the tweet you’re writing.

If a tweet is received asking about your product, What account and which team member is required to respond? In some groups, a person is responsible for sifting through the messages and assigning letters to team members. This way, team members can concentrate on crafting customer messages rather than navigating through the noise.

Set individual goals & metrics

As we mentioned before, having different Twitter accounts indicates that you’ve got other goals. For example, one report may be looking to boost brand recognition, while another might be more concerned with engaging with its existing community members. Consider each new account the same way you approach your overall marketing plan and create measurable, meaningful goals for social media.

In the example above, ESPN and ESPN Fantasy Sports are two distinct brands. Although they have the same name, ESPN Fantasy Sports is far more focused on the field of fantasy and building communities around it than ESPN is. Therefore, different focuses need different metrics to gauge their success.

Study several Twitter accounts efficiently

Once goals are set, the final stage of the management plan is to ensure those goals are met. For the C-suite, getting a bird’s-eye view of the entire brand is essential. What’s the company doing overall? Are there any trends for this particular month that weren’t present in the past? Comprar seguidores Twitter barato

The Profile report lets you examine all your accounts within one piece. In addition, the ready-to-present images mean you can spend less time writing spreadsheets and entering data manually or trying to convert data into the perfect visualization.

Your accounts are lovely, but how you can concentrate on your Twitter statistics is more appealing. A single account report will give you information about what’s trending on your particular account. These data may not appear in the group report but are crucial for determining the results of your strategy.

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