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Know all about angus young net worth, life and more

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Do you know who is angus young? Have you heard his life, wiki and and angus young net worth? Here we will discuss with you everything that you need to know about the personality.

Overview of his life

Angus young is an Scottish born Australian guitarist. While he was born he was named as Angus McKinnon Young. He was born in the year1955 on the date of 31st on March month. His birth places glasgow situated at scotland. You will be surprised to know that the angus young net worth is about$160 million.

His father, William, worked as a flight engine technician in the Royal Air Force during World War II. While his mother, Margaret, was a stay-at-home mom. The family, which included Angus, the youngest of Margaret and William’s eight children, relocated to Sydney, Australia following the “great freeze” of 1963. Young went to Ashfield Boys High School but left when he was 15 years old. Many of the Young children were musically gifted, and Angus first honed his banjo playing skills (after re-stringing it with six strings), before starting to play his mother’s used acoustic guitar. Early in the 1970s, Young bought his first Gibson SG, and throughout his career, he has continued to use different Gibson SGs. Gibson named a reward for his devotion in 2000. His brother taught him how to play the guitar most of the time, and he learnt everything on his own without taking any outside coaching classes. He afterwards pursued his musical career after following his goals. Ellen, Angus’ wife, is a native of the Netherlands. He and his wife are currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

Personal life of Angus young

If you are a music lover and love to be a part of various bands, you must have heard of this name. Not only as an individual guitarist, but also for his team. All music lovers can relate to the passion of playing guitar from their very early age. Anything that is loved from the young age can make their profession from the childhood. As already discussed he is a guitarist by profession.

Angus and Ellen Van Lochem started dating in 1979, and six months later they were wed. He was having a lot of addictions that were not correct for hisHe was never having any addiction that helped him to lead a healthy lifestyle. Young has never drunk alcohol despite being a chain smokerWhen the other band members were drinking it was reported that, according to AC/DC guitarist Tommy Redd, Angus was constantly sipping a big glass of chocolate milk or coffee. In the year 2019, was involved in many social works. Young donated $19,260 to the Alzheimer Society of Ontario; Canadian hockey official Steve McNeil was skating for more than 19 hours in each NHL location in Canada to raise money for his mother and Angus’ brother Malcolm, who went away from dementia in 2017. Young is a supporter of the Scottish football team Rangers FC.

Age, Height and other physical attributes

He was born on 31st of March in the year 1955. So according to that, in the year 2022, he is over 67 years of age. The guitarist is 1.57 m tall. He is not much overweight. He is 65kg which is regarded as appropriate with his height and age. As already discussed, he never had any addiction. He always remained away from any smoking and drinking while his team mates used to have their party. This helped him to maintain such a good physique and the age of 67 and on.

Real Estate

In Ellen’s native Aalten, a small Dutch village, Angus and Ellen created a three-story residence in 2007. The multi-million dollar house has a large backyard, many guest rooms, and a recording studio. The Youngs also have a residence in Sydney’s Kangaroo Point neighbourhood.

Angus Young net worth

According to 2022, the estimated angus young net worth is $160 million. His wealth is significantly influenced by the well-known band AC/DC.Along with his band, t ogether, he released numerous albums that were commercial successes. This all had helped in increasing his net worth significantly. Young and his band, “AC/DC,” have released 15 studio albums to date, several of which have received overwhelmingly excellent reviews from listeners. His outstanding performance consistently helps him to grow his income day by day.

Excellent American guitarist Angus Young is a Scottish-born American. He gains enormous popularity as a result of his participation in the well-known band “AC/DC” and his dynamic stage presence. His commitment to his work and desire for striving for excellence have helped him to rank among the top guitarists in the world. He had cleverly turned his pastime into a job. A fantastic guitarist has achieved enormous success and popularity via his work.

Angus Young: Facts and interesting trivia

  • does not consume alcohol in any way.
  • Ellen, his wife since 1980, is a native of the Netherlands.
  • Rolling Stone ranked AC/DC as the 72nd greatest rock and roll group of all time.
  • On March 10, 2003, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as an AC/DC member).
  • Scotland’s top guitarist was chosen from a list of the top 12 British guitarists by Total Guitar Magazine. [July 2001]
  • George and Malcolm Young’s younger brother.
  • AC/lead DC’s guitar player

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Life changing year

Knowing only about angus young net worth is not enough. Know the year that turned his life. However, their 1990 studio album The Razors Edge, which achieved 5x multi-platinum status in the US alone and sold between 10 and 12 million copies globally, propelled them back into the public eye. Ballbreaker and Stiff Upper Lip, two additional studio albums released by AC/DC over the following ten years, attested to their restored success and appeal. Following a protracted eight-year absence, AC/DC made a comeback with Black Ice, a new studio album. One of their most popular albums globally, Black Ice debuted at number one in 29 countries, was certified multi-platinum in 14 of those, and was followed by a very successful world tour. In 2010, AC/DC issued an album of the tunes they had assembled for the Iron Man 2 soundtrack.

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