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Lakadbaggha Movie Download in Hindi MP4moviez and Telegram to Watch Online

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Lakadbaggha Movie Download 1080p 480p, 720p – Anshuman Jha plays Arjun Bakshi, a young guy in Kolkata who works as a deliveryman by day and a hooded vigilante by night who defends and fights for stray dogs, in Victor Mukherjee’s “Lakadbaggha”. He roams the grimy city streets hunting for dogs to pet while utilizing his martial arts prowess to frighten off anybody bothering them. He wants to speak out for those who lack a voice, in his own words. He is Batman in everything but name, but exclusively for the animals. He also follows a stringent code that forbids murdering and only permits incapacitation, much like the Dark Knight. But there is one distinction: He only attacks when he has no other choice since he doesn’t deliberately choose battles. Because the individuals he has targeted often belong to one or more underground gangs, his actions have angered a number of influential people.

Lakadbaggha Movie Download

One of them is the charming businessman played by Paresh Pahuja who is secretly involved in the trading of illegal animals. However, individuals on the opposite side of the legislation are also not pleased. The local law enforcement has been upset and made to feel inadequate as a result of hearing about his activities. He decides not to disclose his nighttime character when he befriends and then falls in love with Ridhi Dogra, a police detective who is looking into his own case.

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Arjun discovers the aforementioned animal trafficking after being unable to locate one of his animal buddies. And there is also the titular striped hyena, a mammal that was smuggled by the bad guys from Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park with the intention of being sent to a client in Dubai.

Most people mistake this animal for one of the canids, but it is actually more closely related to mongooses than dogs. Uncomfortable bonds are formed between Arjun and the untamed beast.

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Lakadbaggha Movie Release Date and Time

There was an intriguing notion in the Index Of Lakadbaggha movie Download Moviesda. All that was required was good execution. In spite of its shortcomings, excessive length, and preachiness, the movie mostly accomplishes what it set out to achieve. When Arjun beats up the three thugs for being so indifferent to a “pilla” puppy, the police realize they need to look for an animal vigilante.

Movie Lakadbaggha
Cast Anshuman Jha, Ridhi Dogra, Paresh Pahuja, Milind Soman
Release date 11 January 2023
Distributed by Platoon Distribution
Language Hindi
Country India
First Ray Films
Produced by Anshuman Jha
Running Time 129 minutes
Budget ₹40 crore
Box Office ₹100 – ₹120 Crores
Director Victor Mukherjee
Movie Type Action drama film

The case is entrusted to the crime branch officer Akshara D’Souza Ridhi Dogra, who does nothing to truly solve it other than pin pictures on a bulletin board. She first meets Arjun, who works as a courier for a library, when he shows up at her workplace to deliver a box. Later, when she witnesses him looking for a lost “dog buddy,” she is moved by his innocence.

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Lakadbaggha Full Movie Official Trailer

Because her brother Aryan is in charge of the drug and animal trafficking organization, she must be the most ignorant police officer in the city Paresh Pahuja, the best actor in the lot. Arjun objects when Aryan’s dog show rejects his stray puppy since Indian breeds are not permitted to compete, and oddly enough, Aryan invites him home for dinner. The officer’s sister starts acting flirtatious as if making out with delivery drivers are commonplace.

Lakadbaggha Movie Hindi Dubbed Cast

Lakadbaggha Movie Download in Hindi Cast has played many big hero heroines, and they have worked hard to make this movie a hit. Anshuman Jha, Riddhi Dogra, Paresh Pahuja, Bijou Thaangjam, Adrita De, Murari Kumar, Trushant Ingle, Harshit DangBakshi works as courier boy by day and teaches martial arts to children. At night, he transforms into an animal-loving vigilante.

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Lakadbaggha Movie Download Filmywap

Arjun might have used his pet to defeat a fancy foreign dog to demonstrate his idea that Indian breeds are better, but it may have been too challenging to shoot without considerable CGI. Arjun is shown to be “different” as a child, which causes him to be bullied by other students and to be trained in martial arts by his father (Milind Soman), who sadly only makes an appearance in one brief scene when there could have been some karate kid-style humour built in.

Lakadbaggha Movie Download Filmywap

It is unclear whether Arjun is on the autistic spectrum. Eventually, the titular hyena makes an appearance, and Arjun prevents it from being transported to Aryan’s client, a Gulf collector known only as “Mr. Gandhi.”

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A local Chinese restaurant is seen to be selling dog meat rather than mutton, in an absurd display of bigotry. Arjun also has a s**y North-Eastern henchwoman named Eksha Kerung who allegedly adores murdering and the taste of blood.

Arjun, in the meanwhile, instructs the hyena to follow his orders, which is not what an actual animal activist would do. The well-choreographed action scenes in Lakadbaggha movie Download Mp4moviez are a highlight of the movie, which deals with too many topics and doesn’t do them right.

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Lakadbaggha Movie Download Telegram Link

The revelation that the antagonist is the hero’s blood brother makes the villain seem unattractive in comparison to the elegant visitors in the banquet area. The antagonist Aryan, portrayed by Paresh, exudes causticity the whole time as if he is aware that he would eventually meet a sticky end. People are constantly searching online to watch Lakadbaggha Hindi Movie Download Tamilprint. But we advise our users to use legal platforms like theaters to watch Lakadbaggha movie.

Lakadbaggha Movie Download MoviesFlix 1080p, 720p

With Ridhi Dogra’s police officer, Arjun Bakshi develops friendships and a love interest. Arjun discovers the aforementioned animal trafficking after being unable to locate one of his animal buddies. From beginning to finale, the action scenes are well-choreographed as Arjun Bakshi pursues the criminals to their graveyards.

The Krav-Maga Israeli martial arts are used in combat scenes. Anushamna Jha pulled off every trick with ease, and his acting is excellent. As the adversary, Paresh Pahuja absolutely crushed it, and Riddhi Dogra, who was making her big screen debut, gave her all.

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Lakadbaggha movie Download FilmyMeet

The narrative is set in Kolkata, where Anshuman Jha portrays Arjun Bakshi, a normal Bengali youngster who loves dogs. Arjun cannot bear it when others mistreat his canine buddy, so he beats them to death. Because of his Bruce Lee-inspired hairdo and skill at executing fluid martial arts techniques, Anshuman has been likened to other Bollywood action actors like Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jamwal.

Ridhi Dogra appeared like the perfect candidate for a police officer with her quiet and collected demeanor. She was also able to perform flawlessly in the action scenes.

Lakadbaggha Movie Watch Online DailyMotion

Arjun’s dog Shanku goes missing one beautiful day, and while on the search, he encounters a black-striped hyena known as a Watch Lakadbaggha movie Online Free in Hindi. He discovers the city’s clandestine animal trade not long after that. While Riddhi Dogra, a member of the crime section, is searching for a vigilante, she is unaware that her brother, Paresh Pahuja, is really running the criminal business.

If you love animals, you should absolutely see this film. Watch Lakadbaggha Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Online Free is a decent movie that will keep you intrigued despite its many flaws.


We do not intend to promote or encourage piracy. Piracy is a criminal activity that is strictly prohibited by the government. We strictly follow government copyright laws. All the content mentioned on this page is only to give information about this movie to our readers. We always advise our readers to use legal platforms like theaters for Lakadbaggha movie Online Watch and Download.

Lakadbaggha Movie Download OTT FAQs

What is the Lakadbaggha movie releasing date and time?

The Lakadbaggha Movie will premiere on ZEE5 on January 13, 2023.

Who is the Lakadbaggha Movie’s director?

Victor Mukherjee is the director of the movie Lakadbaggha.

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