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Love Mocktail 2 Movie Download in Hindi FilmyZilla 1080p, 720p, 300MB

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Love Mocktail 2 Movie Download Filmywap 720p 1080p – Love mocktail 2 was a perfect gift on valentine’s day from the Kannada film industry. After the release of movies like badhai do and gehraiyaan in Bollywood this movie came as a relief in the genre of Romance. This is a must watch movie which is full of entertainment, emotions, and good songs which makes it a really next level movie in the Kannada film industry.

Love Mocktail 2 Movie Download

This movie is an out-of-the-world movie and it is a very refreshing and entertaining movie from the first part of Love Mocktail itself. I never expected Love Mocktail to be this entertaining but this is the biggest blockbuster so far in Kannada and is a mix of both emotions and comedy.

Love Mocktail 2 Movie Download Kannada

There is also Romance involved in the movie love mocktail 2 the little bit of romantic scenes would bring a fresh watch and a nice feel good Vibes. It is not an out in our romantic film because the plot is a bit different and has a different track. The songs are very well sung by the singers. It has a nice tune and melody and has been shot in such a way that the picturization was very good. With visuals comes the locations in the movie. In the second half of the movie, the farmhouse location is fantastic.

It would make you feel that I should go on vacation just immediately to that place and relax. It would bring a feel good factor in your mind and the way in which it has been shot was very good. Coming to the acting part, all actors have done very good work. Darling Krishna looked superb and was looking very handsome in that particular scene. He trims his beard and comes walking in on screen. He looks like a stud, super handsome in style.

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Love Mocktail 2 Movie Overview

Movie Love Mocktail 2
Cast Darling Krishna
Milana Nagaraj
Rachel David
Amrutha Iyengar
Release date 11 February 2022
Distributed by KRG Studios
Krishna Talkies
Language Kannada
Director Darling Krishna
Movie Type romantic drama film

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Love Mocktail 2 Hindi Dubbed Movie Trailer

The comic timing of the actor is very good and his subtle performance in some scenes was required to perform in a subtle manner and has been performed from very well. Also, the emotions which he has portrayed on screen especially during the climax scene have been done very nicely. We would give full marks to darling Krishna for acting very well and giving a super performance. Rachel has also given a very good performance and was looking beautiful on screen just like she is gorgeous off-screen.

Her acting was also fun to watch. Other actors performed very well. The actor who played darling Krishna’s friend’s role was very funny and his expressions were also good and we as the audience enjoyed watching it. Milana’s flashback scenes are also interesting to watch. You would love Milana in those flashback scenes and she was looking gorgeous. She did very good acting like always and in her flashback scenes with darling Krishna, you would be nostalgic and would be reminded of love mocktail part 1. That was very nicely done.

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Love mocktail 2 movie released date

Love Mocktail 2 was released in theaters on 11 February 2022. It is now available on Amazon Prime video. The IMDb rating of the movie is 7.6 out of 10 and the movie is a sequel to love mocktail part 1. The movie has scenes from the first part and was originally released in the Kannada language. But now through OTT platforms, there would be different languages in which it would be available including Hindi for a wider audience view. As we have already told you, this is connected to love mocktail part 1 so you should also watch part 1 of this sequel.

I watched the movie in the original Kannada language with English subtitles which has been done wonderfully. Translation of the movie from Kannada to English has been superbly done by the makers and the translators. Even after reading the English dialogues, I was laughing so the original Kannada dialogues must have been fabulous in bringing out the humor of the movie to the audience. The movie was so funny that I was laughing while holding my stomach during some scenes.

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Love Mocktail 2 Movie Cast

You would fall in love with the characters of Sihi and Nidhi along with Adi and his two friends. It is a really good movie and the ending is unimaginable. If the third part of this movie is made I would wish that Sihi and Adi get married. Rachel has also given a very good performance and was looking beautiful on screen just like she is gorgeous off-screen. Her acting was also fun to watch. The actor who played darling Krishna’s friend’s role was very funny and his expressions were also good and we as the audience enjoyed watching it. Milana’s flashback scenes are also interesting to watch. Love Mocktail 2 Movie Cast is as follows:

  • Darling Krishna as Adithya “Adi”
  • Milana Nagaraj as Nidhima
  • Rachel David as Sihi
  • Amrutha Iyengar as Joshitha “Jyo”
  • Rachana Inder as Aditi (Cameo Appearance)
  • Abhilash as Viju
  • Kushi Achar as Sushma
  • Sushmitha Gowda as Jakana
  • Shwetha as Renu
  • Ravi Sitaram as Sihi’s grandfather
  • Shivoo Koteshwar as Psychiatrist
  • Giri Shivanna as Police Inspector

Before the interval, there is a major twist that would surprise you and you think what is this, where is this plot going, what is going to happen? You should not miss even a single second of what is going to unfold immediately after the interval and make sure of your presence asap before the movie begins. I won’t tell you more about that twist because of the spoiler bar but you should watch the movie they have that twist in the second half in such a manner that I like the exploration and after watching the twist and immediately after the interval the twist was explored by the makers very well.

Love Mocktail 2 Movie Download TamilRockers

Love Mocktail 2 Movie Download TamilRockers

The ending of the movie was very unexpected and emotional. It would lead you crying for hours with happiness and all I would say is that it was very unexpected that the movie would end in such a way. Some might call it a happy ending and some might call it a sad ending but personally I don’t think it is a sad ending but just a different ending.

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Love Mocktail 2 Movie Download Movierulz film’s humor

Love Mocktail 2 is a very beautiful movie and fun to watch. It is a beautiful blend of humor, emotions, a little Romance, nice songs, beautiful locations, and extremely beautiful acting performances. This is Love Mocktail 2 in my opinion. If we talk about humor, then humor is very nice in this movie Love Mocktail 2 especially the humor in the first half of Love Mocktail 2 will make you roll on the floor.

The second half also has humor but less of it as compared to the first half because in the second half of Love Mocktail 2 emotions take over the story more than humor because that is how the story runs because the plot unrolls in the second half of the movie. The humor is so excellent in the movie that in the first half you will hear such dialogues which I would like to call as rib-tickling. It will tickle your ribs and you will end up laughing a lot.

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Love Mocktail 2 Movie Download Pagalmovies

Even physical humor and action-oriented, body language humor was also very fabulous. The performance was very good to make you laugh so to speak, so the humor was very nice. If we talk about the emotions in the movie involved then the second half of the movie leading up to the climax has played very well with the emotions. There was an interplay in which you would feel emotions that will touch your heart. Emotions portrayed by actors on screen, especially darling Krishna were very nicely done. Love Mocktail 2 Movie download Movieflix has maintained a very good emotional connection with the audience through the use of emotions.

Love Mocktail 2 Movie Download Filmyzilla

Love Mocktail 2 Movie is an Indian romantic drama film made in the Kannada language. This film is directed by Darling Krishna. Love Mocktail 2 Hindi Dubbed Released by Filmy4wap on 11th February 2022. The film stars Darling Krishna, Milana Nagraj, Rachel David, and Amrutha Lyengar. If you want to watch this film then you can watch it in theaters or on online platforms approved by the concerned authorities.


We do not intend to promote or encourage any piracy websites. Piracy is a completely illegal activity that is prohibited by the Government of India. We strictly follow the copyright laws of the government, so we do not link any illegal websites here. All content mentioned here is only for the information of our readers. We always suggest you use the platforms approved by the concerned authorities to watch your favorite movies.


It was a beautiful gamble because after showing such a twist and you reveal that twist after the grand revolution when you understand what the twist is it goes down but over here they have maintained a very good tempo by using darling Krishna and the twist. Also with the sprinkle of humor in the second half emotions, they have done very nicely. I would read this movie on a 3 to 3.5 stars rating scale out of 5. It is a very nicely made film and you should watch Love Mocktail 2.

Love Mocktail 2 Movie In Hindi Download FAQ

What is the release date of the movie love mocktail 2?

Love Mocktail 2 was released on 11 February 2022 in India.

On which OTT platform can I watch Love Mocktail 2?

You can watch Love Mocktail 2 on Amazon Prime video.

Who is the director of the movie Love Mocktail 2?

Love Mocktail 2 is directed by Krishna Nagappa.

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