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My Orbi Keeps Disconnecting. How to Fix it?

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Orbi Keeps Disconnecting – Dropped internet connection is everyone’s greatest nightmare. When the WiFi keeps dropping, it gets scarier. Has your Orbi had the same unsettling incident? Well, there’s no need to worry about that.

The Orbi constantly dropping connection issue can be fixed by utilizing a few alternatives like doing Orbi firmware update, checking cables, relocating the devices, etc. Let’s investigate how the Orbi keeps disconnecting issue can be fixed in a matter of minutes.

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How to Fix Orbi Keeps Disconnecting Issue?

Change Position of Orbi router and Satellite

Be aware that communication between WiFi devices forms the basis of a lag-free internet before you start thinking about how the proximity of WiFi devices affects the internet connection. The distance between the two devices will reduce the strength of the transmission.

As a result, you ought to think about how close the Orbi router is to the satellite. It never implies that all of your WiFi devices must share the same base, though. This requires that you position your Orbi rightly satellite so that it can effectively receive signals from the router.

Examine the Ethernet Cable

Give the Ethernet wire a quick inspection you used to create a direct connection between your Orbi router and access point. Is it not misshapen? You’re good to go if not. Otherwise, it’s time to bring home a new Ethernet wire and say goodbye to the old one.

If the physical integrity of the Ethernet cable appears to be flawless, there is a chance that the connection may not be secure. Make the connection finger-tight by doing so.

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Update Firmware

Outdated firmware could be the cause of the Orbi internet connection problems. Keep in mind that your Orbi’s functioning determined by the firmware even if you unsure of the connection between the outdated firmware and the problem experienced. Your Orbi will perform better with a firmware update and additional security features will also added. As a result, everyone benefits equally from the circumstance.

By using the orbilogin.net web address, you can update the firmware of your Orbi to the latest version. To upload the firmware file to the, you must first download it for your Orbi according to its model number. Additionally, avoid interrupting the firmware update process as it could hamper the working of your device.

Check for WiFi Interference

WiFi interference is much more versatile than its name would imply. You may be aware that any obstruction in the way of your Orbi’s WiFi signals constitutes WiFi interference. But are you aware of the elements that contribute to WiFi interference? Are you aware of the items that must be kept far enough away from your Orbi to prevent WiFi interference? No? Read on.

Signals frequently bounce back off reflexive surfaces. As a result, you must keep your Orbi away from mirrors, glasses, lenses, etc. Devices that work using electromagnetic frequencies have the potential to interfere with the WiFi signals from the Orbi. Therefore, under no circumstances should your Orbi be placed close to such devices. Furthermore, the Orbi continues the dropping problems caused by WiFi interference from fish tanks, thick concrete walls, and other masonry structures. You won’t have any problems with the device by keeping it away from these objects.

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Factory Reset Your Orbi

There is a chance that your Orbi not configured in a proper manner, thus creating issues and getting disconnected again and again. For getting the issue fixed, you can simply perform the Orbi factory reset process. FYI, an Orbi can taken back to the default settings either using the Reset button or by accessing the web GUI. The choice all yours, the method you find most convenient to execute can be tried.

However, once you are all done with resettings the Orbi, bear in mind to configure it again from scratch to get the best out of it.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about the solution for the Orbi losing connection problem. If you use the troubleshooting tips listed above, maybe your Orbi won’t lose connection anymore. Share your troubleshooting experience in the comments area if the post has assisted you in fixing the issue you were having.

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