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Orbi not Connecting to Internet Troubleshooting Guide

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Are you seeing Orbi purple light If yes, it means that your Orbi is not connected to your internet modem. No worries! These days, we are receiving the same queries. Yes, you read it right! Every 3rd user across the globe complains that their Orbi not connecting to internet. If you are among them, you must read this article. Here, we have provided a number of troubleshooting hacks that will help you fix Orbi not connecting to internet issue in blink of an eye. Given that, continue reading!

[Fixed] Orbi Not Connecting to Internet

Follow the fixes below and know how to overcome with Orbi not connecting to internet issue:

Restart Your Orbi and Internet Modem

This is the first fix that you can try to overcome with Orbi not connecting to internet issue. Yes, restarting! To restart your internet modem and your Netgear Orbi router – unplug them both from their respective wall socket, wait for 5-10 minutes. After 300-600 seconds, you can plug them back in again.

We suggest you plug in your internet modem and then plug in your Orbi router.

Connect Your Internet Modem and Orbi

After restarting your Orbi and modem, the next thing that you need to do is to connect them both. And, for this, you can grab an Ethernet cable. Ater grabbing it, insert its one end in your internet modem and other end in your Orbi router.

Update Firmware

Perhaps, the firmware version on your Orbi router and satellite is outdated. If so, you must update the firmware on your devices now. To update the firmware on your Orbi, access firmware update page on your Orbi using Orbi login admin credentials and apply the given instructions. And, to update the firmware on your internet modem, call your ISP to help you regarding the same.

Change the Location

Bad location of your Netgear Orbi router and internet modem may also give you issues connecting them. To get rid of this error, try changing the location of your devices. The best location for your devices is away from corners, thick walls, and doors. Also, you must not place your devices (both or any one of them), inside a cabinet, back of your computer, beneath a table, or at an excessive distance.

Check the Compatibility

Not every internet modem is compatible with Netgear Orbi router. It seems like your internet modem is among those incompatible devices. So, to rectify Orbi not connecting to internet issue, replace your internet modem with Netgear and then try connecting it with your Orbi router.

We hope that this will help you rack up success!

Reset and Reconfigure Orbi and Internet Modem

What’s wrong? The above-mentioned fixes don’t prove helpful? If you nod in yes, then resetting is the only fix that can help you troubleshoot the issue for sure. To reset your Orbi router, look for the reset button on it, press it, hold it for 5-8 seconds, and release it. Once you are done resetting your Orbi, connect it to the satellite, and configure it from scratch by doing orbilogin.

And, to reset your internet modem – what you have to do – unplug the power and Ethernet cable from your internet modem, and Wait for 2-3 minutes. Let your modem to power off fully. After that – reconnect the power and Ethernet cable, and wait for the internet light to turn solid green.  Now, check if your internet modem is working properly and connecting to Netgear Orbi router.

The Last Words

Here comes our troubleshooting guide on how to fix Orbi not connecting to internet issue. Now, you can access internet all over your home without signal drop by just connecting your Orbi and modem.

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