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Quick Guide on Adjusting WiFi Coverage of Amped Extender

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Amped range extenders are among the finest networking devices available. They’re loaded with functions meant to make surfing the web easier. One of these features is the option to adjust the range of the extender’s WiFi signal. Follow the steps in this guide to adjust the range of your Amped extender’s WiFi signal. In this article, you will find detailed instructions on how to use the Amped wireless extender setup wizard to modify the device’s WiFi settings.

How to Adjust Amped Extender WiFi Coverage?

  1. Turn on the Extender’s Power

Start by powering up and activating your Amped wireless range extender. See to it that the power supply hasn’t been tampered with. If not, the extender won’t have a steady source of electricity.

In addition, if you live in an area prone to blackouts, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a must. Next, go to step two once you’ve turned on the extender.

  1. Join the Extender to the Primary Router

Establishing a link between your main Wi-Fi router and your Amped wireless range extender is the next step. Both wired and wireless connections are supported for your convenience. Be sure the link is reliable and safe, however.

Connect the extender and router with an Ethernet cable for a hardwired connection. However, a solid bond is required. If you’re utilizing wireless power, give yourself some space between the two gadgets.

  1. Launch a Web Browser

Once you’ve finished setting up your WiFi gadgets, you should grab a computer. Logging into the Amped wireless range extender requires momentarily disabling antivirus software or a firewall program. After that, launch your preferred online browser.

Invoke any browser you choose, but make sure it’s not an old version. If this is the case, then please make the necessary changes immediately. Consider doing so if it has become cluttered with things like cache, cookies, and browsing history.

  1. Go to Setup.ampedwireless.com.

You should now type the Amped range extender’s default web address into your browser’s address bar. Keep in mind that setup.ampedwireless.com is where you can find the default web interface for your Amped wireless range extender. If you’re done, hit the Enter key.

Avoid making any typos while inputting the standard web URL. Make sure the address isn’t being typed into the browser’s search box, either. The Amped extender’s IP address may also be used to modify the wireless network’s range.

  1. Enter the Amped Extender login Details

If you want to log in to your Amped extender, do so now, since pressing Enter will take you there. The Amped extender login credentials must be entered.

To do so, provide the credentials you used to sign in to your Amped WiFi extender where appropriate. Keep in mind that the case of the letters in the administrative password for your Amped range extender matters. Therefore, you should use caution when you enter them. After you have entered the Amped extender login info, choose the Login button.

  1. Change the Wireless Coverage

The Amped wireless extender setup wizard may be accessed by clicking the Login icon. To access the 2.4GHz Wireless Coverage Control window, go to the Settings menu on your Amped range extender. You may tailor the wireless network’s coverage to your specific needs.

Access the 5GHz radio band’s Wireless Coverage Control window to modify its wireless coverage. Finally, be sure to save your modified Amped extender.

Concluding Remarks

You’ll benefit in every way from fine-tuning the WiFi range of your Amped wireless range extender. Intruders may be discouraged since you can restrict WiFi usage to certain areas of your home. To that end, we hope you find the instructions below useful in fine-tuning the WiFi range of your Amped range extender. We think you’ll find the data presented in this article to be useful. If so, please share your gratitude with the world in the comments area.

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