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Steps on how to hack wifi password using android phone?

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If you are one of the person who have been asking the answer to the question that how to hack wifi password using Android phone then you are at the perfect place because here in this particular article we are going to discuss the same ways as well as different kind of methods of compromising the Wi-Fi passwords of the neighbourhood and all across the globe in some easy as well as simple steps.

Now a days in the world the internet has become one of the most important as well as one of the most necessary things in our day today life. The internet has become the need of the human beings these days. Therefore, even the telecom companies are also giving free of the cost and unlimited data on a regular basis to a customer. how to hack wifi password using android phone?

The internet or we can say that the data services were previously given to the customer in a limited basis that too for the whole month but now after seeing an immense increment in the data usage by the people even the telecom companies have increased their data services and also have increased the internet that was given previously.

How to hack wifi password using android phone?

Basically, compromising the Wi-Fi password is not difficult and the same can be done very easily by following a very few and simple steps. The only thing that is problematic here in the situation is that doing the same process or we can say that compromising the Wi-Fi password of the people is considered to be illegal and unethical for a person.

Therefore it should not be done in any case until and unless it is your Wi-Fi itself and you have forgotten the password for the same and now you want to recover it on your own or you are an engineer or a shopkeeper who is being working for computers, networks, etc. how to hack wifi password using android phone?

Ways to recover Wi-Fi passcodes

Generally, there are 2 different ways in which a person can get his or her Wi-Fi password back. We have mentioned all that 2 particular ways of getting the Wi-Fi password hack through which you can compromise any kind of Wi-Fi password very easily as well as conveniently.

  1. You can simply get it done with the help of any kind of shopkeeper who is being handling these types of issues on a regular basis or we can also say that you can go to any shop who is being working for the same purpose.
  1. Another way of compromising a password for getting the password back for a Wi-Fi is to get it done on your own with the help of all the steps and necessary things to be done which are being mentioned here in this particular article.
  • Run a specific command over the windows desktop

If you want to get your password back from your Wi-Fi, or we can also say that if you want to compromise your password of your Wi-Fi on your own then this particular method is considered to be one of the best methods which are available all over the internet in the whole world.

This particular method says that you need a proper and also a very specific kind of command, which is absolutely coded with a lot of commands over your windows laptop. Basically, this is a trick to get the Wi-Fi password back or compromise the same over the windows system or desktop only.

In this thing of finding out the WiFi networks password, you are required to write a proper coding format in the form of a command, which is being given to a computer system in order to ask it to perform any kind of special task for us.

However, you need to learn this coding part in order to get it done on your own.

  • Hit the reset button on your router

There is one more very unique kind of way available in the world for compromising a Wi-Fi password and we can also say that getting the Wi-Fi password back which you have forgotten by resetting the route of the internet.

For this particular thing you need to simply press the reset button for 10 to 20 seconds continuously in order to command your router to reset all its settings and network parts. In this particular reset option all your settings related to the router related to network and a complete setting part will be resetted.

By following this particular method your router will become absolutely new and a brand new piece for you again that one you have bought long back. So, how to hack wifi password using android phone?

  • Download a password guessing application on your phone

Another method of compromising a password or we can also say that hacking a password of any kind of Wi-Fi all across the globe is to simply download an application on to your phone which is known as the password guessing application which is very easily available on the Play Store as well as in the app store.

You are just required to download a particular application and simply follow all the steps, which come after installing the same because every particular application has a very different kind of rules at which a person is required to be followed properly. So just be on the screen and do whatever the application is asking you to perform.

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  • Do hit and trial

You can also crack the code of the Wi-Fi with the help of doing the hit and trials again and again because Wi-Fi passwords do not have an ability of locking themselves after putting multiple wrong attempts of password, similar to a smartphone. how to hack wifi password using android phone?

Therefore, you can simply enter the hidden trial method in the passwords because it is not going to lock you in any way. And you can use this method how many times you want to use because this is absolutely free as well as it is absolutely safe to use as you are going to guess your password and crack your passcode of the Wi-Fi very easily.

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