Home Tech Gadgets Why My Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to WiFi Router?

Why My Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to WiFi Router?

Why My Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to WiFi Router?

Orbi is network device that provides fast and reliable internet services to your phone, computer, laptop and many more devices. The Orbi mesh router system can be easily connected with your home modem as well as other network devices like Orbi satellite and extenders.

You just have to use an Ethernet cable to make a hardware connection between the router node of Orbi and modem. To make a connection with the satellite, you just have to press the satellite On/Off button and it will automatically links with the router.

But, what if the satellite refuse to connect with the router. What will you do then, to solve it and make a connection? What can be causing factor of this problem? Here we will help you to fix this problem.

In this article, you will go through the possible reasons of ‘Orbi Satellite not connecting’ problem and then we will provide solutions to fix the mentioned issue.

Reasons: Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to WiFi Router

This section contains a list of possible reasons that can cause your satellite and router connection problems. Let’s start this without any delay.

  1. Networking interruptions that can cause by electronic devices can be a reason of this mentioned issue.
  2. Router to modem connection can be incorrect and can cause this connection issues as well.
  3. Interface down of the router or satellite can trouble you with similar problems.
  4. Wrong pressing of the satellite and router linking buttons to connect both the devices.

So these are the possible reasons why your satellite is not connecting to your router and now let’s take a look how to solve the problem with the help of solutions.

Solutions: Orbi Satellite Not Connecting to WiFi Router

In this section of the article, you will found solutions and tips that dispel the technical issue related to your satellite and router connection. Let’s list them down in this section.

Check And Correct Router to Modem Link

Router to modem link should be correct that are connected to an Ethernet cable. You must check the WiFi router is receiving internet signals from the modem. If not then simply, ensure the Ethernet cable is connected to the WAN port of the router and LAN port of the modem.

Connect Router to Satellite Correctly

The router to satellite connection can be connected wirelessly. You just have to make sure that you have followed the right instructions to connect both the devices easily. The instructions start from pressing the WPS button and then turn on the satellite within 2 minutes. After that check you have adjusted the settings through orbilogin.net.

Shift Network Devices to Optimal Spot

If you have seen any electronic device near to the router or satellite, then you must shift your networking devices to an optimal location in your home.

Reboot Router and Orbi Satellite

It can happen that no solution or tip won’t work that are written above. In this type of the situation, you should reboot the router and satellite by following some steps.

Orbi Satellite
  • Find the power plug plugged in the wall socket.
  • Pull it out and plug it again to reboot the satellite system.
WiFi Router
  • Locate the router’s On/Off button.
  • Press it twice to restart the WiFi router.

At The Conclusion

Here you have learned possible reasons why your satellite is not connecting to home router. We have also provided solutions and troubleshooting tips that help you to dispel the mentioned problem. Hope, you have solved the technical issue.


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