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An All-Inclusive Guide to Reset Wavlink WiFi Extender

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Is your Wavlink range extender not performing well? Have you accidentally uploaded the wrong firmware file on your Wavlink extender? Are you unable to do Wavlink WiFi login even after making several attempts? If any of these questions have been answered in yes, then know that the time to reset your Wavlink WiFi extender to the factory default mode has come.

But, it looks like you’re unaware of the Wavlink WiFi extender reset process. Is that so? If yes, then this post will be your helping guide. Here, we have provided a detailed description of the Wavlink extender reset process. So, read on.

Wavlink WiFi Extender Reset Steps

  1. Start the Extender

No matter whether you are updating your Wavlink extender or resetting it to the default mode, powering it up is an essential step. For this, consider connecting your wireless extender to a power outlet and pressing the Power button. But, keep in mind that the power socket should be offering adequate electricity. For this, it must be non-damaged.

  1. Find the Reset Button

The next step after powering up the Wavlink range extender is to look for the Reset button. For this, you need to check all sides of your Wavlink extender as its location varies from model to model. Know that your extender needs not to be connected to any device during the reset process. So, keep an eye on the same.

  1. Press the Reset Button

As soon as you come across the Reset button on your wireless extender, you need to press it. However, the pressing of the button should be careful and gentle. Else, your efforts will go futile. Within a moment or two, your Wavlink extender will start running on its initial settings. It means the settings that came configured when your extender was brand new. So, you have to perform Wavlink WiFi repeater setup again.

Checkpoints- Wavlink WiFi Extender Reset

In order to reset your Wavlink WiFi extender properly, you’ve to take care of a few things that are mentioned below:

  • Your Wavlink extender must not be located near thick concrete walls or in corners. In addition, your extender should be away from microwave ovens, televisions, smart cameras, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, refrigerators, treadmills, washing machines, mirrors, fish tanks, etc. Such things can halt the reset process.

  • The location of the Reset and WPS buttons on some Wavlink range extenders are the same. Thus, make sure you press the correct button. Pressing the wrong button can push you into a pit of Wavlink extender issues.

Once you follow the instructions and take care of the checkpoints discussed in the above sections, you will be able to reset your Wavlink wireless extender. However, you have to start the setup process again so that your extender can resume its work. In case you are unaware of how to install a Wavlink range extender, read the next section.

How to Install Wavlink WiFi Extender?

  • Connect your Wavlink extender to the main router by putting to use a non-damaged network cable. Proceed with a finger-tight connection only.

  • Thereafter, launch a web browser on your computer and access wifi.wavlink.com to reach the extender’s login window.

  • Since your extender is running on the default settings, key in the default password of your Wavlink device and select Login.

  • Once you click Login, you will get welcomed by numerous instructions appearing on the screen.

  • Follow the instructions and install your Wavlink extender.

Final Words

That’s all about how to reset Wavlink extender and set it up from scratch. It is expected that this post has provided all the necessary information related to the reset and reconfiguration process of your Wavlink extender. If yes, consider sharing your feedback.

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