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Arlo Camera Placement: Everything You Should Know

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Arlo security cameras are the best-known cameras to enhance the security of your home. But setting up the Arlo camera by creating Arlo login account and placing it somewhere is not going to help. To get the best output, Arlo camera placement plays a vital role. In case you are skeptical about where to place your Arlo camera, then use this informative guide. This guide will walk you through the best tips that will help you identify the best location to place your Arlo camera in your home.

Factors to Consider While Placing Arlo Camera

  1. It Should be Near Base Station

Arlo Base Station is an optional device that you can set up along with the Arlo camera. In case you have also installed an Arlo Base Station, then the Arlo camera and the Base Station should be placed in close proximity. Keep this point in consideration while you are finding a suitable place to install your Arlo security camera.

  1. Place it Closer to Router

Though this is an important factor most Arlo users forget the fact that the Arlo camera needs a WiFi connection to operate. You can get live or recorded feeds on your phone using a WiFi connection. This means the Arlo camera should be placed near the WiFi source in the home which can be the router or access point. Thus choose a location for the cam such that it stays within the router’s range. You may need to relocate your router to make this sure. This will also help you avoid the c

  1. Aim the Arlo Camera

While you are placing the Arlo camera, make sure that you adjust the angle of the camera in a way that it captures any motion in the lower part of the image. This will help you better identify the source of motion.

  1. Keep it High

The Arlo camera should be elevated high. Make sure that you mount your camera at least 7 feet high above the ground. Also, aim the camera slightly downwards such that it just doesn’t hang there capturing unwanted things around.

  1. Point at Important Areas

Arlo camera has a motion detection feature that helps to detect any motion around. In case the Arlo camera is aiming at a busy street outside, then you will keep on getting notifications about the same due to the busy road. The Arlo camera battery will drain like this. So, you need to make sure that the camera is pointing towards the important areas of motion that you want to focus on and not just anywhere that is useless.

  1. Don’t Place it With Other Objects

Any other objects like walls, lights, trees, etc, should not be near the Arlo camera. These things can affect the quality of the video or live feeds that you receive, especially during the night. The lights can blur images and videos.

  1. Camera Shouldn’t Look Through Other Surfaces

The camera should not be placed at a place where it has to look through other transparent objects glass or mirror etc. The performance of the camera’s motion sensor degrades this way. So, keep the Arlo camera away from such objects. The camera should be directly looking at the aimed locations.

  1. Take Care of Active Locations

Make sure that your Arlo camera is positioned towards the active fields. The camera should be placed in such a way that the place that you want to monitor is within the camera’s view field. Half or incomplete field of view can be irritating and confusing at the same time.

The Closing Note

 We hope that you have found the best place for your Arlo security camera, by keeping the above-discussed factors in mind. Once you have wall mounted your camera, check the live feed on your phone or PC by accessing the Arlo camera login account and see if the field of view, camera angle and quality of the feeds are better. In case you find anything wrong, then make changes to the camera placement accordingly.

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