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Why Is Arlo Geofencing Mode Not Working?

Why Is Arlo Geofencing Mode Not Working?

Arlo Geofencing mode is a virtual fence. It helps in discovering a moment when something or someone enters in your home premises or leaves it. You can use the feature to arm, disarm, and resume schedule modes using your smart device (PC, laptop, or smartphone) remotely from anywhere. But, a few Arlo users have reported that the feature “Arlo Geofencing not working”. If you are also standing in the same queue, then this post can help you.

Here, we will provide you all the possible fixes that will surely help you troubleshoot the issue at hand. Let’s start over, may we?

Fixed: Arlo Geofencing Not Working

Fix 1: Enable Geofencing

It seems like you haven’t enabled the Geofencing mode on your Arlo. Please verify it! If you think that it is the reasons causing the issue, it’s high time to rectify your mistake.

Wondering how to enable Geofencing? Wonder no more and follow the instructions provided below:

  • Navigate to Field Service on Arlo
  • Access the Arlo Settings and click or tap on Geofencing Settings.
  • Thereafter, you need to enter and Unit of Measure and then, Minimum Radius (approx. 22-25 feet).
  • Apply and let your changes take effect.

Fix 2: Check Your WiFi

The Geofencing mode on Arlo will not work if your WiFi connection is weak. Thus, ensure to have an upgraded and fast internet speed. Besides, if you are outside your home, don’t forget to turn on the cellular/ mobile data. Regarding this, you have to ensure that your data pack is active and you have sufficient data left in your account.

Fix 3: Activate Geolocation

It is important to activate geolocation. If it is turned off, the geofence might have issue while establishing your location via your IP address. So, we suggest you activate Geolocation by following the instructions listed below:

  • Open the Settings of your smartphone and select Location.
  • At the very top of your smartphone screen, you need to all access to your location.

Fix 4: Charge the Device Battery

You need to ensure that the battery of your device is fully charged. Why? Because the Geofencing feature will surely eats up battery power in no time! So, you need to carry the charger of your smartphone along. In other words, the longer it takes for Geofence to pinpoint a location, the more it will consume more battery power. For getting it fixed, we recommend to fully charge the battery of your device.

Fix 5: Adjust the Settings

None of the aforementioned fixes help you troubleshoot “Arlo Geofencing not working” issue? If yes, then it seems like you haven’t adjust the settings, did you? In case your answer is a no, then do that right away by following the guidelines outlined underneath:

Access the Arlo settings and enable or turn on the following options:

  • Location permission
  • Location services
  • Push notification

Apart from this, you need to turn off or disable Battery saver and data limit.

Doing so will help you share your current location and information with the Arlo system.

On the other hand, if you have an iOS or Apple device, then ensure to enable:

  • Share my location
  • Location services! This option supposed to be turned on or enabled always.
  • Push notification
  • Background app refresh
  • Cellular data

But, do not enable Airplane mode.


Getting “Arlo Geofencing not working” issue has become quite common. But, if you have the fixes provided here at hand, you don’t have to worry about anything. In case you get the same issue again, then reset your Arlo and configure it again via, Arlo camera login details. Once you are done, don’t forget to enable the Arlo Geofencing mode.

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