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Can’t Access Amped IP Address? Here’s How to Fix It!

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Managing the Amped extender via the default IP address is like a walk in the park. However, this walk has been difficult for many users. The reason is their inability to access the default Amped IP. Have you also outlined your name on the list of such users? If yes, then this post will serve you as a helping hand. Here, we will unveil a list of Amped wireless troubleshooting tricks that will help you do away with the problem you are facing in a jiffy. Here we go.

Fixed: Can’t Access Amped IP Address

  1. Check the IP Address Entree

Humans and mistakes have a long-term relationship. Perhaps, you have also carried that legacy with the default IP address entree. Keep in mind that using the incorrect IP address can lead you to some other page instead of what you long for.

So, rectify this mistake and use the correct IP address of your Amped range extender. In case you have forgotten the default IP of your Amped device, consider taking help from the extender’s user guide.

  1. Avoid Using Search Bar

Did you use the address bar to access the Amped IP address? No? Well, this is where you lagged. IP addresses are meant to be accessed using the address bar only. If you access them using the search bar instead, unfortunately, you won’t be able to prevent yourself from running into technical issues amidst the path of accessing the extender’s IP.

Therefore, always use the address (URL) bar of the web browser to access the IP address of the Amped repeater.

  1. Use an Updated Web Browser

A lot of users don’t even know the version of the browser they are using. They forget that they need the latest version of the web browser to access the Amped IP. Also, an outdated version of the web browser is incompatible with the Amped extender login page. Thus, always ensure that the browser you are using to access the Amped IP address is not running on an obsolete software version.

Additionally, do not use a cached internet browser. It is another parameter that needs to be strictly satisfied in order to access the IP address of the Amped range extender.

  1. Check the Wired Connection

The weak wired connection between your Amped wireless range extender and the host router can also result in the inability to access the default IP address. When we say weak, it means cuts on the Ethernet cable and a loose connection.

Therefore, if the wired connection with your Amped extender and the host router meets the former criteria, know that it is time to say goodbye to the old cable. If the second parameter is the one to get fulfilled, then make the connection finger-tight.

Quick Tip: If you are not in the mood of using an Ethernet cable or already using a wireless source, take care of the distance separating your devices. This distance must be optimal. In other words, neither too less nor too much.

  1. Reboot the Extender

Lastly, you are destined to face issues accessing the default Amped IP if your extender is struggling with technical glitches. These technical glitches possess the power of bricking the extender too. Therefore, don’t let the time run you, reboot your Amped extender without waiting.

To reboot your amped extender, simply unplug it from the wall outlet, let it sit idle without power, and connect it to the wall socket back. Now, try to access the Amped IP and see if has started working or not.


Closing the post with the hope that the tips discussed above will help you fix the inability to access the Amped extender IP address. Just in case these tips are nothing but just a few minutes read for you, consider resetting your Amped extender to the factory default mode. Thereafter, perform Amped wireless setup from the initial step. This time you’ll surely get success in accessing the extender’s IP address.

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