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D-Link Extender Disconnects and Reboots on Heavy Traffic?

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We depend so much on technology that every other device in our house demands a WiFi connection. In that scenario, one needs to set up a Dlink WiFi extender to get the whole-home coverage. However, a lot of users have complained that their D-Link WiFi extenders disconnect and reboot on heavy network traffic.

Are you also dealing with the same problem? If yes, then walking through this post will change the climax of your story in a positive way. Here, we have compiled a list of troubleshooting tips to fix the issue you are facing. So, read on.

Fixed: Extender Disconnects and Reboots

  1. Check the Extender’s Placement

Most of the time, it is the placement of the extender that drags you to the issue. Chances are that your D-Link range extender is hiding inside a cupboard or under a table. Know that your D-Link extender will not only be disabling to spread WiFi signals in that case but its performance also degrades.

So, you are required to change the location of your D-Link range extender. Make sure that your D-Link extender’s WiFi signals are confined to a single room. To increase the transmission distance, you need to place it in a well-ventilated room. Choosing the central location will serve the purpose.

  1. Zero Signal Interference

You might also face the D-Link extender disconnects and reboots on heavy traffic if there are a lot of blockages or deviations in its signals paths. Therefore, while deciding the location of your D-Link range extender, you need to take care of the WiFi interference too.

Ensure that no refrigerator, televisions, smartwatch, treadmill, microwave oven, mirror, fish tank, indoor waterfall wall, thick concrete wall, wooden block, metal appliance, lens, or glass are present near your D-Link range extender.

  1. Update the Firmware

Sometimes, the D-Link extender disconnects and reboots on heavy traffic if there is a firmware update pending for it. The firmware of your D-Link extender needs to be updated timely so that minor bugs and errors can be fixed. Given below are the steps that will help you update your D-Link extender in a hassle-free manner:

  • Ensure that your D-Link extender is getting a continuous power supply.

  • Now, load a web browser on your PC and download the firmware file for your D-Link device.

  • Launch a new tab and reach the D-Link extender login page by visiting dlinkap.local.

  • Type in the default or customized password of your D-Link extender and click Login.

  • Locate the Maintenance tab and click it.

  • Select the Firmware Update option.

  • You will be taken to a window prompting you to upload the firmware update file.

  • Do as prompted and let the firmware update process get completed.

  1. Bring Your Extender Close to Router

The problems you are facing might also arise if you have placed your D-Link extender too far from the host router. It creates miscommunication between both devices and the extender fails to sustain heavy traffic. Thus, consider reducing the distance between your extender and router. It must not be more than the distance covered by the WiFi signals of the extender. Also, the distance should not be so much the WiFi signals of your devices get involved in a clash.

In case you want to get yourself indulged in the chaos of distance, then consider using an Ethernet cable for connecting WiFi devices. However, you need to fulfill two conditions for a wired connection. Firstly, the Ethernet cable must not be fragmented from any end. Second, it must be firmly connected to your wireless devices.

  1. Reset the D-Link Extender

If nothing has worked in your favor so far, then there are high chances are that something serious is happening with your extender. But, do not worry. That serious can be fixed by resetting the range extender to the factory default mode.

So, check all sides of your D-Link and find the Reset button. Once found, use an oil pin to press it. Within a few moments, your D-Link devices will start running on the factory default settings. It means you can now do Dlink WiFi extender setup from scratch.

Sum Up

The disconnection and rebooting of a D-Link range extender is a serious problem that needs to be addressed to keep the internet game at the top. We hope that after following the tips shared in this write-up, you will be able to resume a superb internet journey with your D-Link wireless range extender. Thanks for reading the post.

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