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I Can See Wavlink WiFi Signal But Can’t Access It. What to Do?

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There’s no doubt that Wavlink range extenders are one of the most outperforming devices. But, everything has a dark side. Being members of the technical family, Wavlink extenders are also vulnerable to some issues that can affect anyone’s internet usage experience. One such issue that becomes a pain in the head of users is that they can see the Wavlink extender’s WiFi signals but can’t access them.

Are you also facing trouble while accessing WiFi signals of your Wavlink range extender? Have you answered the question in yes? No worries! Keeping you and millions of users in mind, we have penned down this write-up. Here, we will provide you with a number of solutions to fix the issue you are currently facing with your Wavlink WiFi extender. So, read on.

Fixed: Wavlink WiFi Signal Visible But Can’t Access It

  1. Restart Your Wavlink Device

There are a lot of scenarios in which a simple restart has helped users to fix Wavlink extender issues. It is because rebooting is one of the most efficient solutions to get rid of infinitesimal bugs and errors. Therefore, stand up and consider giving a fresh start to your Wavlink range extender.

You have to do nothing but switch off your Wavlink device for a short period and switch it on back once the required rest has been given to your extender. If giving a shot to this hack fails to give a positive outcome, then try the next hack.

  1. Bring WiFi Devices Closer

Is the source of connection between your Wavlink WiFi range extender and the main router wireless? Have you placed both devices in the same room? If you have answered the second question in no, then you have unknowingly committed a mistake by creating a communication gap between them.

FYI, a wireless source needs an optimal distance for better communication. You are not supposed to place your Wavlink extender outside the boundary line of the signal emitted by your existing access point. However, consider using a wired source if you want maximum output from your Wavlink WiFi device.

  1. Update the Firmware

Firmware is a set of instructions that completely takes the responsibility for the functionality of your Wavlink extender. Its new version is introduced by Wavlink regularly so that the device can utilize the latest features. However, you need to install the newer version of the firmware on your Wavlink extender for that.

Therefore, check whether your Wavlink extender is running on an updated version or not. For this, access the Wavlink login page and log in to your extender. Click Setup to see the firmware version of your extender. If it is not the latest one, you are required to install its new version. But, make sure that your Wavlink extender and router are connected with the help of the Ethernet source throughout the firmware update process.

  1. Remove Physical Impedance

Physical impedance can also restrict you from gaining access to your Wavlink extender. The reason is that they either block or deviate the extender’s WiFi signals amidst their paths. So, the best troubleshooting tip you can follow is to remove the physical impedances causing WiFi signal blockage or deviation.

To get this accomplished, consider removing mirrors, fish tanks, cellular phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, and smart watches from the room where your Wavlink extender sits. Also, do not place the range extender close to refrigerators, treadmills, microwave ovens, metal objects, and other reflexive surfaces.

  1. Reset the Wavlink Extender

A lot of users perform the incomplete Wavlink extender setup process due to partial knowledge. Perhaps, you are also among those users. In that case, you have to set up your Wavlink device again. Before that, perform a factory default reset of your Wavlink device.

So, without wasting any time, find the Reset button on your Wavlink extender and press it carefully. Within a few moments, all the customized settings from your Wavlink device will get erased and it will become ready for the setup process again. Thereafter, access the Wavlink range extender login page and set it up from scratch.

Final Thoughts

Facing the Wavlink extender WiFi visible but can’t access it issue is common. However, with a few troubleshooting techniques, you can easily fix it. If this post has helped you in returning your Wavlink device to its normal state, then you did excellent troubleshooting. We would like to congratulate you on getting things fixed. Did you find this write-up useful? We are waiting for your reviews in the comment section.

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