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Facing Rockspace Extender Red Light Issue? Let’s Get it Fixed!

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LED lights on your Rock space WiFi extender have so much to say. If the lights on your extender are blinking blue, then you can relax as your Rockspace extender is working perfectly. But, what if the light on your Rockspace WiFi extender  is glowing red? It means that your extender has fallen victim to a problem that needs to be addressed. So, walk through this post and learn how to resolve the Rockspace extender red light issue with ease.

Fixed: Rockspace Extender Red Light Issue

Before you give a shot at any other tip mentioned in this post, consider giving a new start to your Rock space extender. Perhaps, your extender has become a victim of technical bugs due to which it is flashing the red light. And, it is a well-known fact that rebooting is an effective solution to technical glitches. So, unplug the extender from the power socket, wait for a few moments, and re-plug. If rebooting proves to be unfruitful, try the following hacks:

Fix 1- Check the Power Socket

At times, users forget to check the condition of the power socket into which their Rock space wireless extender is plugged. Did you do the same? Well, check it right now. What do you find? Is the wall outlet damaged? Oh, snap! You just spotted a reason dragging you to the red light issue with your wireless extender.

To get things resolved, use a working power socket to supply electricity to your Rock space device. It will ensure that there is no fluctuation in power. Once you are done changing the power socket, see to it whether the red light on your Rockspace device turns blue.

Fix 2- Update the Firmware

Chances are that the LED light on your Rock space extender is blinking red due to an outdated firmware. For your information, the firmware of your extender must be updated timely in order to keep its performance top-notch. So, without any delay, consider doing Rock space firmware update by accessing  re rockspace local 

Once you visit the extender’s admin website, log in to your Rock space device using the default login details. Thereafter, locate the Firmware Update option under the Management tab. Click Check Now and let your Rock space extender check for firmware updates. If a new update is available, a few on-screen prompts need to be followed and you’re done.

Fix 3- Use a New Ethernet Cable

A damaged Ethernet cable connecting your Rock space extender and the main router can also drag you to the red light problem. It is because any damage to the Ethernet cable affects the communication between your devices.

Therefore, you need to get the Ethernet wire changed. However, ensure that the new one has a higher data transfer rate and is free of deformity. You also need to make sure that the Ethernet cable connection is not loose.

Fix 4- Bring Your Devices Closer

Is the distance separating the receiver (Rock space extender) and transmitter (host router) too much? Well, if it is then it’s not a wonder that you’re facing the Rockspace WiFi extender red light issue. Too much magnitude of this distance affects the wireless communication between both devices. Thus, you need to make the distance minimum.

However, while reducing the distance, make sure that you are not placing the receiver and transmitter adjacent to each other. Otherwise, you’ll soon encounter other problems like the inability to access the Rockspace setup  wizard.

Fix 5- Change the Extender’s Location

After the extender’s installation process gets completed, users are advised to assign a new location to the device. But, due to ignorance, some users end up placing their devices incorrectly and face similar issues as you are currently dealing with. Thus, you need to assure that your Rock space extender is not placed at the wrong location.

For this, you need to check that your extender is not located near devices emanating radio waves, metal objects, surfaces that bounce back the light or signals, and objects that contain a large amount of water. If it is, choose another location for your range extender.

The Bottom Line

With this, we are concluding our article disclosing the tips to fix the Rock space extender red light issue. On the off chance, that things are not turning in your favor, perform the reset of your extender. Thereafter, undergo the Rockspace WiFi extender setup  process again. This time, the LED light on your range extender will surely turn blue.

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