Is Your Victony Not Connecting to Internet

Victony WiFi extender

Can’t your Victony WiFi extender connect to the internet despite being properly configured? If so, there is no need to worry as we have got your back! Here, we shall discuss the causes of this problem as well as their lasting fixes. Keep reading.

Our troubleshooting advice will assist you in resolving the following issues with your Victony WiFi extender

  • Why can’t my range extender connect to the internet?

  • Why WiFi extender from Victony is not working?

Why is Victony Extender Not Connecting To Internet?

If your Victony WiFi extender is unable to connect to the internet, one of the following may be the cause:

  • The device is improperly configured.

  • The software or hardware of the WiFi range extender is malfunctioning.

  • Cable connections are loose.

  • Interference in the extender’s signal is a further cause.

  • Placement of the extender in a dead zone.

  • Partial Victony WiFi extender setup.

  • Your network adapter’s connectivity status is poor or nonexistent.

  • The extender has an orange LED light.

  • Outdated firmware.

Hopefully, you now understand the cause of WiFi connectivity issues. However, if everything on your end is in order, follow the procedures given below to resolve the issue.

Fixed: Victony WiFi Extender Can’t Connect to the Internet

  • Place your WiFi extender away from types of equipment that cause interference, such as microwaves, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, metal objects, mirrors, glasses, and fish tanks among others.

  • Examine the LED lights on both the extender and the router. If the power indicator is illuminated in red, the WiFi extender is not connected to the router. So, get the same fixed as soon as possible.

  • A flickering orange LED indicates that the extender is connected to the router, but that there is no internet/WAN connection.

  • No issues with the LED lights on the router and extender? Check for loose connections and plugs. If any of the ports used for connecting the cable are not working, fix it.

  • Check to see if restarting your PC, modem, computer, laptop, extender, and router resolves the issue.

  • If the issue persists, log in to your Victony to determine whether the extender’s firmware has been updated.

  • Finally, reset the Victony extender. Simply pressing the device’s reset button will restore all factory default settings. You then again need to perform  Victony WiFi extender setup

Still Having Trouble?

When your Victony extender refuses to connect to the internet, we all know how aggravating it can be. However, everything depends on the circumstances that led to this dilemma. In light of this, we have listed more alternatives for you. Continue to read.

Victony Extender is unable to detect SSID

  • Restart your WiFi range extender and try connecting it to the internet.

  • Determine whether the extender is showing its SSID.

  • Visit the Victony extender sign-in page.

  • When the Victony setup wizard opens, ensure that both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi bands are activated.

  • Verify that you are connected to the correct SSID.

Victony WiFi Extender no Internet Issues Triggered After Setting Changes

If your wireless range extender becomes problematic following a change in settings or firmware update, the following tips will be useful:

  • Utilize a web browser to access the Victony WiFi range extender.

  • Proceed to the Browse section of Settings.

  • Find the backup file and click the Restore option button.

  • There will be a confirmation prompt.

  • To revert to the previous settings, click the Yes button.

The extender will restart automatically. Therefore, wait till the restarting procedure is complete.

Is your issue not fixed by any of the aforementioned methods? Check the Victony WiFi extender manual and have a nudge on the section saying how to fix Victony extender issues.


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