Victony Extender Stopped Broadcasting SSID? Let’s Fix It!

Victony Extender Stopped Broadcasting SSID Let’s Fix It!
Victony Extender Stopped Broadcasting SSID Let’s Fix It!

Has your Victony WiFi extender stopped broadcasting SSID? Are you unable to see the WiFi name of your Victony extender on your network list after Victony WiFi extender setup? Well, that’s a matter of concern. Why didn’t you look for its solution earlier? But, now you have landed on this post, all your worries are going to end. Give the troubleshooting tips mentioned below and learn how to get rid of the problem in a snap.

Fixed: Victony Extender Stopped Broadcasting SSID

Before you try any hack to get the issue resolved, take our advice and reboot your wireless extender. Perhaps, technical glitches with your extender have dragged you to the issue. Know that rebooting the extender is one of the best solutions to fix technical glitches. Just unplug your extender from the power socket for some time and plug it back in to see whether it has started broadcasting SSID or not. If you are still sailing in the same boat, then giving a shot to the following troubleshooting hacks will be a wise decision.

  • Check the Extender’s Location

The wrong location of the Victony WiFi extender is one of the major culprits due to which it has stopped broadcasting SSID. You might be thinking about the connection between your Victony extender’s location and the issue you are facing. Well, it has a lot to do more than you imagine.

Your Victony extender’s location needs to be perfectly ventilated. Also, it needs not to be packed with devices and objects like televisions, microwave ovens, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, mirrors, fish tanks, baby monitors, etc. Additionally, your extender shouldn’t be seated in a corner or near a concrete wall.

  • Change the Ethernet Cable

Your Victony WiFi extender might also stop broadcasting its WiFi name if the Ethernet cable connecting it and the host router has undergone a cut. So, consider checking the same. What happened? Has our assumption turned true? Well, in that case, you need to get the Ethernet cable replaced with a brand new cable.

Besides, take care of the fact that the Ethernet cable connection holding your WiFi devices together must be finger-tight. Otherwise, the issue will continue to travel you.

  • Update the Firmware

If you keep ignoring the pending firmware update of your Victony extender, then too you can become a victim of the issue you are facing. The fact is not hidden that every single activity performed by your extender is operated by its firmware. Running the device on an outdated firmware is not a good idea at all.

So, consider updating your Victony WiFi extender to get rid of the issue at hand. You can grab the Victony WiFi extender manual to know the instructions to update the firmware. However, never download the firmware file that is incompatible with the hardware of the extender model you own.

  • Bring Router Close to Extender

Have you placed your Victony wireless extender and home router in two different corners of the house? Yes? Another reason found behind the Victony WiFi extender not broadcasting SSID issue. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your WiFi devices closer right away.

But, there’s a twist when it comes to bringing the WiFi devices closer. Your WiFi devices can’t be placed too close. Do you know why? Because in that case there are high chances that WiFi signals of both devices will get involved in a clash. So, keep the distance optimal as much as you can.

  • Reset the Extender

Are you still going nuts because your Victony extender hasn’t started broadcasting its SSID yet? It might happen if the extender isn’t set up properly. Perhaps, you skipped an important step while installing your wireless extender. In such a case, you’ve been left with no option other than doing factory default reset. The benefit of this troubleshooting hack is that it will allow you to install your Victony device from scratch.

Thus, consider locating the Reset button on your Victony wireless range extender and pressing it carefully. Within some time you will find that the extender is restored to the factory default settings. This is the moment when you need to do Victony extender setup again.

Sum Up

The inability to see the extender’s SSID on the network list is a pain in the head. We hope that after implementing the aforesaid hacks, you will surely be able to get the problem fixed and your Victony extender will start broadcasting SSID.


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