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In-Depth Guide to Update Wavlink Router Firmware

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Every Wavlink router comes embedded with a set of instructions that determines its performance status. These instructions are collectively known as firmware and are altered on a regular basis. Any alterations made to the firmware are called firmware updates. If you want your Wavlink router to work well at every cost, then consider doing firmware update.

In case you are unaware of the steps to update your Wavlink router, read this post. Here, we have summed up the entire firmware update process of the router via the Wavlink login page. Stick to reading.

How to Update Wavlink Router Firmware?

  • Start the Wavlink router firmware update process by powering up your device. For this, consider inserting its power adapter into the wall socket near the modem and pressing the Power button. Wait for the LEDs on your Wavlink WiFi router to light up.

  • Next, grab an Ethernet cable and use it to establish a finger-tight connection between your Wavlink router and the modem. In case you don’t have access to an Ethernet cable, a wireless source will do the same job.

  • Now, switch on your computer. What happened? Don’t have a PC? Worry not! A laptop will accompany the journey of updating the Wavlink router firmware. However, ensure that there are no software updates pending for your PC or laptop.

  • The next step talks about the opening of a web browser. So, run the one that is already installed on your PC. Download the firmware file of your Wavlink router and save it on your PC at the most convenient location.

  • Thereafter, move to the location bar of the new tab and insert the default web address of your Wavlink router into it. For your information, the default router web address is wifi.wavlink.com. Once you are done entering the router’s web address, press the Enter key.

  • The next window will prompt you to enter the Wavlink router login password. So, do what is required and log in to your Wavlink wireless router. The dashboard of your Wavlink router will appear flaunting various tabs.

  • Here, click Firmware Upgrade followed by Setup, and upload the firmware file of your Wavlink router. Hit Apply to get the process accomplished.

By referring to the steps mentioned above, you will be able to update the firmware of your router. However, if you fail to do so, refer to the tips mentioned in the next section.

Fixed: Can’t Update Wavlink Router Firmware

  • First of all, ensure that the power outlet from which your Wavlink router is getting power is not damaged. In case it is faulty, change the power socket right away. In case your area suffers sudden power cuts, use a UPS to fulfill the seamless power requirement.

  • The Ethernet cable used to connect the Wavlink router and modem must be non-damaged in every situation. Using a damaged cable will invite more issues to your table than you are already endeavoring with. However, you need to take special care of the distance between your devices if a wireless source is used to connect them.

  • Some users commit the mistake of accessing ap.setup to update the firmware of their Wavlink router. Know that it is the default web address of the Wavlink extender that needs to be accessed to tweak the extender’s settings. Additionally, usage of the search bar is strictly prohibited as it will lead you to various undesirable results. Use the address bar only.

  • Always use an updated internet browser to update the firmware of your Wavlink router. Additionally, the web browser must also be free of junk files. Otherwise, you will keep facing issues while updating the Wavlink router firmware.

  • The default login password of your Wavlink router is case-sensitive. Thus, it must be entered carefully. Do not commit typos and if there has been any alteration in the login password of the router in the past, consider using the new password.

  • Most importantly, always download the correct firmware file for your Wavlink WiFi router. By the correct file, we mean that it must be according to the model number of the router you own. Uploading the wrong firmware file has the tendency to brick your Wavlink router forever.

Sum Up

After following the above-mentioned Wavlink troubleshooting tips, you will be able to update the firmware of your router. Now, your device will start running on new features and bugs will also get fixed. Thanks for reading the post.

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