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Victony Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out [Quick Fixes]

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Victony wireless range extenders have gained quite a popularity among users due to their exceptional features. However, having unique features doesn’t make them safe from issues. Many users have reported that their Victony extender WiFi keeps cutting out. Are you also experiencing the same problem with your Victony WiFi extender? If yes, then walk through the troubleshooting techniques mentioned in this post and learn how to get the issue fixed in a jiffy.

Fixed: Victony Extender WiFi Keeps Cutting Out

  1. Place the Extender Properly

Many users face the WiFi keeps cutting out issue due to the improper placement of their extenders. Chances are that your Victony range extender is also sitting at an improper place. Why don’t you verify it yourself? Is it placed in a corner? Well, it shouldn’t be. Apart from corners, your extender needs to be located away from thick concrete walls.

Additionally, your Victony extender is not supposed to share closeness with televisions, microwave ovens, treadmills, refrigerators, mirrors, fish tanks, lenses, metal doors, aluminum studs, glasses, indoor waterfall walls, etc. You can consider placing your Victony extender in the central area of your house for optimal reception and transmission of WiFi signals.

  1. Change the Ethernet Cable

Is the Ethernet cable connecting your Victony range extender and the main router alright? Is it damaged? If you’ve answered the first question in yes, then everything is perfect with a direct extender-router connection. In case the second question has received a positive response, then it’s no surprise that your Victony extender WiFi keeps cutting out.

Therefore, before things get out of your hand, you are suggested to make use of a new Ethernet cable to connect your Victony extender and the main router. And yes, the connection must be finger-tight at all costs.

  1. Update the Firmware

Reports have revealed that 75% of Victony extender users avoid updating the firmware of their devices. Are you also one of them? Well, you are being unfair to your extender. Know that the firmware of your Victony extender is its governing body that lets its work smoothly. The latest the firmware version, streamlined will be the extender’s performance.

So, refer to the Victony WiFi extender manual and get the firmware of your device updated. But, keep in mind not to download the incorrect firmware file for your range extender. Uploading the wrong file can damage your extender and chances are that it seize to work.

  1. Bring Your WiFi Devices Closer

The distance between your Victony WiFi range extender and the host router is another factor that might be forcing its WiFi to cut out. It is because too much distance creates a communication gap between them which is not advised. Therefore, you should aim to place your WiFi devices a little closer.

But, wait! You should not place them too close. Otherwise, do you know the conclusion? Well, if you do so, there is a high possibility of their WiFi signals getting clashed leading you to another Victony extender problem.

  1. Reset the Extender

Is your Victony extender WiFi still keeps cutting out? If yes, then the issue might have arisen due to improper configuration of the Victony WiFi extender. Therefore, it is time to opt for the ultimate hack – reset the Victony extender. It will also help you fix all the major or minor issues that your extender might be struggling with.

Therefore, consider wasting no time and pushing the Reset button on the range extender with great care. Once your extender resets, you will discover that all the settings customized by you are cleared. So, you need to set up the extender again.

Sum Up

Facing the WiFi keeps cutting issue with a Victony range extender is quite common. We hope that after giving a shot to the last hack and doing Victony WiFi extender setup again, you will be able to stabilize the WiFi of your range extender.

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