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My iPhone Won’t Connect to WiFi of Wavlink Extender. Help Me!

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Despite being an outperforming technical device, Wavlink WiFi extenders give refuge to some issues too. iPhone won’t connect to WiFi of Wavlink extender is one of them. Are you also having a bad day because your iPhone has denied connecting to the extender? Well, that’s normal. Just reboot your iPhone. Did it work? No worries! Walk through the troubleshooting tips mentioned in this write-up and re-establish a connection between your iPhone and the Wavlink WiFi extender in a hassle-free manner.

[Solved] iPhone Won’t Connect to WiFi Extender

  1. Start with Rebooting

So, you tried rebooting your iPhone, but did you think of rebooting your Wavlink extender? Probably not. At times, technical glitches are the major culprits that won’t allow your Wavlink extender to establish a successful connection with the iPhone. You can rid yourself of these glitches by rebooting your Wavlink range extender.

Still wondering how rebooting will bear a favorable outcome. FYI, rebooting the Wavlink extender will purge all the fragments of previously running activities on your extender providing it some space to establish new connections. Rebooting is nothing but an act of giving some rest to your Wavlink range extender. If rebooting doesn’t work in your favor, then do not delay giving a shot to the next technique.

  1. Move a Little Closer

Perhaps, you are using your iPhone outside the range of WiFi signals emitted by the Wavlink extender. Know that WiFi signals are electromagnetic waves that deplete as they propagate. It means the larger the distance between your Wavlink extender and the iPhone, the lower the chances of connection.

Thus, move a little close to your Wavlink extender and try to connect your iPhone. Also, ensure that your Wavlink extender is getting adequate signals from the host AP. For this, you need to place them optimally.

  1. Cross-Check the Password

Making mistakes is human nature. And, when it comes to entering passwords, mistakes are bound to happen. Sometimes, people capitalize letters unnecessarily whereas, in some events, they forget to add the special character in the password.

Thus, do not make typing mistakes while entering the Wavlink extender WiFi password. In case, you didn’t alter the WiFi password during the Wavlink setup consider using the default one.

  1. Update the Extender’s Firmware

Your iPhone might also not be able to connect to the Wavlink extender if the firmware on which the extender is operating is outdated. Outdated firmware is known to create a lot of nuisance. Thus, get the firmware of your Wavlink updated before getting into any other trouble. Check out the guidelines written below to get your Wavlink extender updated:

  • Download the latest Wavlink firmware file.

  • Log in to your Wavlink extender using default admin details.

  • Click Setup > Upgrade Firmware.

  • Find and upload the Wavlink firmware file you downloaded earlier.

  • Let the firmware of your Wavlink extender get upgraded.

This is how you can do a firmware upgrade by accessing the Wavlink login page. In case upgrading the firmware won’t provide you with any positive results, then WiFi interference might be the reason behind the problem you are facing.

  1. Get Rid of Interference

WiFi interference can also prevent your iPhone from getting connected with the Wavlink extender. This is because WiFi interference manipulates the signal so much that it becomes quite different from the time it was emitted. Thus, getting rid of WiFi interference might help you fix the issue.

To resolve WiFi interference, you need to pick your extender up and place it in the center of your establishment. Remember that the location chosen must be airy. Else, other Wavlink extender issues will knock at your door. Additionally, the location chosen to place the Wavlink device must be away from reflexive surfaces, metal objects, heavy electrical gadgets, and devices operating on Bluetooth technology.

  1. Reset the Extender

If none of the aforesaid troubleshooting techniques are of no avail, then chances are that your Wavlink extender has run into a serious problem. No worries! It is the time to opt for the ultimate hack. It means you have to reset your Wavlink extender.

The act of resetting will erase all the customized settings from your device taking it back to the factory default mode. To do so, press the Reset button on your extender carefully. Once done, set up your device by accessing the Wavlink WiFi extender login page.

Sum Up

That’s all about what to do if your iPhone is unable to connect to the WiFi extender. Anticipating that the tips discussed above will help you establish a successful connection between the iPhone and Wavlink extender.

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